InterActive ScrapChat & How it works!

  Updated!!              Introducing.......
               InterActive ScrapChat at AmyScrapSpot!
If you already know what it is and want to visit,
                                  Click Here!
    If not, read below and you'll see how awesome it is!

Today I am taking the First step in making my blog the InterActive blog of my (and hopefully yours, too!) dreams!
If you remember my promise last month, you have been expecting Something.. I didn't give many hints. ;)

This is the "Practice Run" and I will make changes and updates as necessary.

I think the first thing that has to happen, aside from the Idea (Light Bulb!), is to put it into motion and see how it goes!
Big Surprise, I like to jump in with both feet.. haha
I have been running over ideas in my head and it just seemed like I needed to get into it to really make any actual decisions.. It will also help me to see what is good/bad about the decisions that I have made already!

So...Here Goes Nothin'

InterActive ScrapChat is something that I came up with as a way for Quilters and Sewests to come together and have (possibly) a whole group conversation!

 A Fun community to share your projects and all that comes with them! Happy, excited, sad and frustrating! Stop in and chat with people that enjoy your love for sewing! Share pictures of your projects or that Awesome fabric you came across! Encourage others and be encouraged! What have YOU made lately!? Show us!! 

The idea that you can enter a discussion with others to get their help or ideas on a project that you are working on, or even just chit chat about nothing that matters at all, sounds like a really neat one to me!

You know what!?
I found the PERFECT platform for it on! 
The direct link is
If your not familiar with Disqus; it is a great website that allows you to "create a channel" and discuss what you want!
You can also find some really cool channels on there that discuss just about anything!

I can't believe it took me so long to realize that I was ALREADY a member of that awesome site and it allows me to do EXACTLY what I want! Duhh moment.. haha
I can post a topic, or YOU can, then everyone will see it and they can comment back or create a new topic, right there!
It allows even my readers to post pictures right into their comments.
It really is just what I was looking for!

I hope that you will come on over and give it a shot.
I'm really enjoying the conversations that I'm having there and it really is Super InterActive!!
Can't wait to see you!

I am literally dancing in my chair over this!! =D


  1. I will start us off!
    As you know, I am Amy!
    I live in Michigan and I love to sew and quilt (along with a lot of other things)!

  2. Hi I'm Moneik from South Dakota. I love to quilt, sew, and teach (including college and quilting).

  3. I'm Kristine in Pennsylvania close to Philly. I have 2 kids and one on the way and love crafting sewing and quilting when I get any free time! I teach piano lessons and love to hike and hope to launch my own blog someday when I figure out what I could contribute to the conversation. I have seen various chat boards and forums come and go so I'd be interested what you could do with the scrapchat that would keep it active and updated.

  4. I'm Monica from Maryland. I'm a serial crafter. Right now I'm making quilts. Tomorrow I might be back to knitting or something else. I love everything crafty and I love making things for people. My husband and I are empty nesters so we spend a lot of time camping and biking.

  5. My name is Chris I'm in otisville, mi I have 4 kids and love when i get to do crafts with my sister!

  6. Hi there! I am Kathy and live in Dubuque, Iowa. 7 is my lucky number...I was born into a large family as the 7th child in the 7th month. I taught 7th grade for 7 years, along with other grades before that. 7 rules!

  7. Hi my name is Sue, I live in Rochester Hills MI. I love to quilt and lately I really am enjoying making bags, Retreat bags and small hipster purses are alot of fun. I will conquer zippers yet!

  8. HI I am Lee from Connecticut. I quilt, and quilt and quilt!

  9. Thank you all so much for posting your fun facts, it is so great to get to know everyone a bit better! I have had a thought on the whole InterActive ScrapChat idea and I'm going to create a post detailing it a bit better - but, I created a community on At -
    If you copy and paste that into your browser you can follow the discussion and I think it will be 100% better than comments here on the post! * You will probably have to create an account - I hope it isn't too big of a pain for anyone, but it will be a lot better! <3

  10. Hi all! I'm val from Val's Quilting Studio. I'm an empty nest quilter...thus on my about 7th year of the hobby! Stop by and visit my blog for our Tuesday Archives Linky....the party that lets you rejuvinate old blog posts according to a weekly theme.

    1. Here's a direct link to our Tuesday Archives linky information page:

    2. What a fantastic idea, Valerie!
      I will have to remember to check that out and see what fun there is to be had!! Thanks for posting in my ScrapChat!

  11. Greetings from north of the eventual wall ;-) I'm Smiley in Edmonton, AB 🇨🇦 I love sewing, and am just learning to quilt. I knit, crochet, scrapbook, make cards, paint and, well, if it makes a mess and requires shopping for craft supplies, I'm in!

  12. Hi, I like this ScrapChat. My name is Danette and I love quilting and sewing. Unfortunately, my sewing machine is out of commission for a couple weeks and I don't know what to do with myself. Although, I have been cutting, cutting, and cutting. I need to call and bug the place that has my sewing machine hostage.


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