Friday, July 5, 2019

Get Your Awareness On!

Hello everyone!

If you have noticed, my blog has taken on a new look.. Again.. I think this one will stick, for good! <3
I have been blogging since 2012. First with paper crafting (my kids were small and I was bored out of my mind, when they went to bed. So I bought a Cricut and scrap booking became my bestie) and crochet. Then almost 3 years ago, I started sewing. Finally in Sept 2017, it was embroidery (almost the same family, at least! lol). THIS time, I am staying with embroidery but I am taking my blog in a new direction.

In some ways, the switch will be small. I still plan to embroider (sew a bit, too) and show projects that I make, while doing updates on sweet Mr. Axel.
In other ways it will be a big change.

If you remember my last post, I mentioned my epiphany about my awareness crusade.

Basically, I make Awareness wear, now!
I began doing so in support of Axel. Once I realized how much I love it, I knew that I needed to open it up and make Awareness wear for anyone that I could and any condition!

In making this change with my blog, I feel there are other changes that should naturally happen.

For 1, I will begin to do some posts in regards to conditions and/or diseases.
Not only the conditions that my little guy battles but whatever I feel is information that we should all be aware of and maybe most definitely some information that is just beyond imagination.

I am working on my 1st Awareness post and the information that I have already found, amazes me.

If you have any ideas about future awareness posts or conditions that you might like to have more information on, please let me know! No gaurentees, of course, but I will do my best!

For now, I will leave it at that.
I have some homework to do!

Have a fabulous weekend!!
God Bless!

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