Monday, June 3, 2019

I Hear With My Eyes, Awareness Shirt!

Hello Everyone!
Here it is, the beginning of June, already. I hope the weather is going to catch up, soon! In Michigan, it's still mostly chilly. But hey, it isn't 30's!!

I am constantly thinking of phrases and sayings that I want to embroider onto things; mostly burp cloths but I am perfecting my Tshirts and blankets, too.

Now that we know Axel is deaf, I am trying to make him things that tell people, without having to come right out and say "I am Deaf"..
I'm hoping that if people are aware of his deafness, they will be more expressive and look at him while communicating.
Telling someone that he is Deaf is in NO way saying they shouldn't talk to him! I just want them to react to what they are saying and maybe try a little harder than they might with a hearing child/person.
ie, make eye contact, show how you feel as you talk (sad, excited, happy, ect.)and connect with him, so he knows he is important!

Anyway, I was sitting at my laptop yesterday, looking over the ASL hand signs that I have. While ruminating on what I wanted to commit to, it hit me.

The phrase fell into place and I fell in love!
My machine couldn't stitch it out fast enough!

"I Hear With My Eyes"

What could possibly say it better than that!?

Even better is that I asked for opinions from several deaf and hard of hearing people (in groups on facebook), hoping that my phrase didn't come off as insulting.. They love it! Whew!
I am thrilled to have found the *perfect* phrase and I can spread it around without worry that someone will take it the wrong way.

I already have these in my Etsy Store and I just began using Facebook Marketplace, as well. So far I do child's sizes but I am working on an adult design, as we speak. <3

I Hope you all have a fabulous week!
God Bless!

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