Friday, May 24, 2019

Etsy Up and Running!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!
I hope you all get the extra day off of work and can enjoy some quality time with family, while remembering why and how we are able to have it!

I wanted to do a quick post for a couple of reasons.

#1- Etsy Shop Info.

#2- An update on Axel and a new path we are on.

Today, I am starting with Etsy. I'm really excited about it and I think Axel would understand. haha

My Etsy Shop (<--link)
Please visit my shop to see more pictures! I will be adding more as available.
I have SO many plans for my shop!
The only problem is, I don't necessarily have the time to invest in getting it all there, right now. Darn.
So for now, I have a couple of listings up. I can't wait to get started on those and more that I hope to get into my shop soon. I will keep you all updated.
I love doing burp cloths, they are just fun.
Awareness shirts are my all time favorite, though. I love raising awareness for Axel and helping others raise awareness (for anything) is the best feeling!
Do you know any kiddos that need an awareness shirt for themselves or a family member? I would love to help you with that!
They are fabulous for walks/runs/biking events, parties, going out on the town or just because!
I am working on getting more samples up, too.
If you don't see something, please ask me, there is a good chance that I have it. =) 
If it isn't too much trouble, could you share the word, for me?

                           Awareness Shirt
              Custom Burp Cloth with Super phrase or other- Coming soon!

Axi was laughing really hard at a silly toy, in the above pic. He cracks up once in a while and it is happening more as he gets older. =D

There is always a lot to say about Axel. I'm not bias or anything, at all. =D

Our guy is officially 1.5 years old, Sunday! He has been rolling like a mad man! He began scooting, on his back, as well and can pretty much get anywhere he wants. <3
His head control is getting better and better. He doesn't have it, yet, but he will!
He dumps his toy bins out and loves to play with those and just about any box he can get his hands on. He is super aware of his surroundings now and interested in everything! He's also began to get upset when we take a toy away that he has or wants. Which is big news!
He has been finding his voice so much in these past months!
He LOVES strawberry. He isn't too thrilled about any food, but Strawberry flavors have been getting great reactions out of him! He thinks strawberry Gogurt and suckers are The Best! =D -It's a start!!

If you remember, in December Axel got testing done to find out if he was a candidate for Cochlear Implants. In Feb, we finally had the answer. No, he was not a candidate. In March, we were finally told by his audiologist that his hearing aids "probably aren't doing anything for him".
With his rare Neuro Adaptation, we know that a single sound gets to his brain stem, but only after an undetermined amount of rest for the nerve.
So my husband and I began to do some real thinking.
It is kind of crazy, but I was thinking so positively during all of this, it never occurred to me that my guy wouldn't be able to hear- somehow!
After a short time of thinking and talking, we easily decided that we will raise Axel Deaf.
Our son needs to be accepted, just as he is.
I feel that if we tried to use aids for him, without any positive feedback, he would come to feel that hearing was most important to us.
Obviously that is not that case.
Axel and I have been working on Signs and ASL for over a year. We think he has made a small bit of progress (learning "more") and I feel very encouraged that Axel will be able to learn and hopefully use, ASL.
We are adding more to his list of "things to do". I am setting up getting him and I extra ASL help in our home. Thanks to a great program!!
I also want to get him out to as many Deaf Culture events as possible!
He really seems drawn to hand signs and gets excited about it. Yay!

Axel has had it tough. You would think I would have struggled hard with all of his conditions. I did. In the beginning. But Accepting them was easy. Our guy is amazing and he wouldn't be him without these things.
His hearing though.. That was one of the hardest things for me.
When I was pregnant, I was always singing and talking to him.
I dreamt of the day I could look into his eyes and sing to him. I'm a terrible singer, but your kids are always your best audience! lol
I still struggle with it but I am not crying as often, so that's a big win ;)
Focusing on ASL makes me feel like I have some power. So I am actively trying to incorporate signs into every day. That is tricky, but I'm getting better.

There is definitely more happening, as always, but for now I will leave it at that. ;)

I hope you all have a fabulous long weekend and take good care!

God Bless

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  1. Congrats on your Etsy shop! No one to monogram for right now but someday I will have a young one around me - they are very sweet. Wow - so glad to hear of Axel’s progress and you decision to find a way to have him communicate. You have faced so many challenges and sometimes there is just one that sends you over the edge. Again, you have embraced the challenge and are moving forward - all for that little love Axel. God bless.


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