Monday, April 15, 2019

Happy Spring! I'm in Need of Opinions!

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a fabulous winter, I can't believe we are halfway through April, already! Happy Spring!!

A little update on Axel, first.
He is 16.5 months old, already! It is really crazy watching him get so tall. He is almost 25lbs and 31" long. <3
He's still working hard in his 9 weekly therapy appointments.
2 big things are happening right now.
#1 he is still working really hard on his head control. He can hold it up during tummy time, for over 10 seconds and repeats quite a bit! While sitting supported he held it up for almost 30 seconds, the other day!! 
#2 He began rolling nonstop about a month ago! We got him a great floor mat that lasted for about a month before we were having to race to get him off of the wood floor! lol
He was all over his floor mat and hubby decided that we needed carpet so our little guy wouldn't hurt himself- or his shunt. All of this rolling has him working even harder on his head control <3
Of course, he always has new info on his various medical conditions but at this moment, I am going to leave it at his awesome accomplishments! <3 

Recently, I have been working very hard on several ideas that I've had.
(The ideas are never the hard part for me, putting them into working order seems to be the tough thing..)
Staying at home to care for our guy has become a top priority.

I work 2 days a week and even that is a struggle. {At least my poor boss THOUGHT I did.. ha}
I have had to take 1 of my days off more often than not, it seems.

I thought that a good step in my new endeavors was to touch base with all of you.
If you seen my previous post, you already know about the cool cloth books that I am making.

After much thought, I have decided to alter clothes for special needs children and families.

Since Axel came home from the hospital, traditional clothes proved difficult and even impossible, sometimes.
Axi is tube fed, so that tube needs to be able to exit his clothes. Shimmying it down his pant leg was never really an option. Just imagine if his little feet were to pull on the tube, it could pull the Button right out of his belly. It has happened and it doesn't hurt him, thankfully. But it has to be replaced asap to keep it from closing and needing to be surgically replaced.

Also, he can't wear regular pants with a shirt because it sits on his belly where his Vesicostomy is, near the top of his diaper (Vesicostomy= a hole to urinate from, above his pelvic bone). Pants put pressure on it and as he moves, he leaks out of his diaper and all over his clothes (and anything else that is near, haha).

I realized recently that we can't be the only ones who suffer with these types of issues. Clothes that can't accommodate certain conditions, or feeding tubes, wires, exc.  can make life difficult for baby and parents/caregivers.

I am researching a lot of different options to help with these ideas. A big goal of mine is that they are affordable. Which means I can't go out and buy new outfits to alter. That would add additional cost to the product.
I may want/need to make money from home, but I don't want to get rich off of other families, like mine, that are struggling.
An option that I am considering is buying nearly new clothes and altering those.

I need opinions, please!!
Is it weird, it feels weird.. Selling clothes that aren't brand new??
I would wash them first and represent them as they are (and not brand new), of course!
I am wondering what every ones thoughts are, please, be honest!!

Are you or someone you know struggling with this issue, right now?

I am very interested in connecting with parents/relatives/caregivers of children that could benefit from altered clothing.

I would love to hear what you think, what you'd like to see or try, different situations that would benefit from altered clothing and anything else that you can think of!

Please drop me a line, every comment, thought, question or tip is appreciated!! - The more the better!
I hope you all have a fabulous week and a wonderful start to Spring!

<3 God Bless <3


  1. This is an interesting question Amy and I can see your hesitation. I think though if you are up front about it , it should be o.k. Where I live their is a whole movement towards upcycling, which is what you would be doing so I say go for it.
    I am glad to see that Axel is doing so well.

  2. I like your idea. Just think - kids don't wear clothes long before they grow out of them and at all the yard sales I've been too, there's kids clothing. And second hand stores as well. So I think your idea is wonderful!! Have a good evening! :-) :-)


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