Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Feeling Thankful..

Hi everyone!

I hope by this point you can button your pants after the great Thanksgiving feast(s) and that you all had a wonderful long weekend. :)

I know this post should have come a little sooner but things have seriously been crazy, lately.
We had a great Thanksgiving! The food is always so amazing and the time to visit with people not seen very often, is priceless. <3

Right after Thanksgiving was Axel's 1st Birthday!
So on Monday evening we had a party for our amazingly special little guy!

As we were planning his party, I realized why it is such a big deal to us- to make a big deal about.
Not only was our boy turning 1, which is always exciting, regardless of anything else.
  We were celebrating him!
His first year of life was not the easiest one. All of the days spent in the hospital, other days spent running from one doctors appointment to another (sometimes 5 per day). Being weighed something like 4-8 times per week (HAHA, crazy).. The small steps that he has taken to make huge strides!
We were celebrating Our Boy's hard work Making it to ONE and Rocking it on the way there!!

Through it all, Axel has been the most content baby so when he cries, you take notice. He is happy to lay on the floor as he practices rolling from his back to his side, reaching for fun toys to play with. His grasp is improving all of the time, too. Recently he began to hold stuffed animals tight enough to fling them around a little bit! He is still working on holding up his head but he has come SOO far and we know that he will get there!! He has a helmet now, for his head shape, but we haven't quite been able to get him wearing it for long periods before something happens and we have to take it off for awhile. It's tough for him to get use to the extra equipment. When he finally gets use to it, he will be much more successful moving his head around. <3
He's still in therapy and gets all of the help he needs to get stronger.
He has 8 therapists, (plus the Hearing consultant who visits monthly).
We are also VERY blessed that he still has his home nurse, who comes weekly. Devon is the best and I just couldn't imagine anyone else caring for Axel like she does <3
Axel is doing wonderfully and we are looking forward to the appointment mid-December to see if his ears have the correct anatomy to be compatible with Cochlear Implants.
His colostomy closure had to be postponed and we opted to schedule it early January. Then he doesn't have to deal with it during the holidays. Thankfully, it is our decision and not something that HAS to be done by a certain time. =)

All of that to say that I am feeling so Thankful for the amazing progress Axel has shown. He has blessed our family in ways that are very difficult to express. <3

I also thought I would share some birthday fun!

I made his highchair décor using 3 fabrics and tying the strips to a fat piece of rope. It definitely made his chair fun!
   Mr. Raspberry man! He started blowing raspberries about 2 weeks ago =D 
  This is post cake.. Daddy put both hands in the cream pie and Axi immediately put them on his head.. haha
 This cake was beyond awesome! Thomas Cake Shop in Troy, Mich. really out-did themselves! Most of the décor is butter cream frosting and eatable, YUM! When she called me with the idea to put a FISH in the middle, I was SOLD! It's tricky to see him but it was soo Cool!

 Chocolate topped rice crispy treats were tricky but they really went perfectly with everything and are a great treat! We will be using that idea again!
 I just had to represent awareness! I made blue ribbon suckers - for Hydrocephalus, and the I love you sign - For his profound hearing loss!
Another Cool trick to reuse and the molds were super cheap!

Tropical fish vanilla chocolates, they came out pretty cool, too. 
 We couldn't stick anything to the walls but fortunately one wall was all windows and we covered them in clingy sea creatures!

                                       Cardboard creature cutouts
          We just love turtles of all kinds and HAD to use this adorable guy!

I definitely wanted to make sure that I posted the pics from his party. I never did remember to post the pics from my baby shower.. That was about 13 months ago, now.. It seems too late. LOL

I thank you all for your time in reading my post.
I have been embroidering things here and there but I often forget to get a picture of the project before giving it away.. I will post what I have remembered, soon.

I hope you all have a very blessed and fin-tastic December!
I can NOT believe it is almost Christmas.. wow...

Take good care and God Bless!