Friday, September 22, 2017

Baby Shower Decor

Hello my friends!

We are in full swing- baby shower prep mode!
Theme- Elephants and rain drops (you'll see the rain drops in the next post) ;)
We could have easily found great decorations on line, and Lord knows there is enough to do without adding the making of all of the decor, too, but hey, I like to jump with both feet! I also happen to have a couple of my best friends helping me with Everything -My sister and my mom <3 and my mother in law and sister in law are helping with the non-crafty aspects, so that is just awesome!
 Some of you might remember that I began my creative journey with scrap booking {about 5 years ago} -and there is just something about creating the decor for Axel's shower that I really enjoy.
It also works out as yet another great distraction!
For now, I thought I would share some of the things we have made, then after the shower, I will share pictures so you can see the purpose of each and how it all comes together =)
I will say though, the bags below with his name on them are the gift bags for game winners, I just loved this idea when I spotted it on Pinterest!

The 2 L's are in the wrong name, I was very focused on alternating 3 paper patterns and I am sure I would have re-cut every single one if I had to, to get it right. - Thankfully, I didn't have to recut even one! lol
So all I have to do is pay attention while setting it up to put them in the right place. ;)
             The little elephant i dot is just way too cute- great idea mom!

The Cricut cartridge I used for the elephants above was Create-a-Critter. I just love this cartridge! It has darn near every animal that you can think of and its a lot of fun to play with. When my boys were little, I would have them pick something out and make it for them. They loved that!
These adorable elephants were cut on the Scan n' Cut, it is a preloaded image so it was super easy to cut a whole bunch of them!

Believe it or not.. That isn't all of the décor that we have made/planned. lol
We have little more then a week left before the shower and I am confident that we will get everything done!
                   I can't wait to see it all in place, how exciting!

I hope you like my little elephants!

Have a fantastic weekend and God Bless!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Embroidery Fun!

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to pop in and show some silly things that I have been working on..
Distractions while treading difficult waters are a God send!
My husband got me an embroidery machine for my birthday recently.
It's an older model but is just perfect for me to start out with.
Boy, am I having a lot of fun with it!!
I love Goofy and isn't he just adorable!
Of course, being just over 7 months pregnant and knowing what babys' name is already, makes me want to put it on all sorts of fun things! I had a bunch of cloth burp rags and thought they were the perfect project to practice on.
These aren't perfect, with the first one- I was going to do planes, but they are sooo small I decided to go a different route. On the 2nd one, the O isn't in the right spot, but it's close! lol
I figure these will still serve their purpose even if they aren't perfect, but boy, it is tough not to try to fix them - thread picking on these cloths isn't easy since they are kind of a loose woven material, you just end up shredding the spot. -Of course I had to TRY to fix one.. lol
I just love his name and it looks so darn cute on these, I will have to delve into more ideas!

I put the embroidery on one end of each burp cloth. Wiping his face with thread wouldn't be too comfy and this way the decor can be out of the way-ish.
He is going to be one styling little dude!

We are prepping for my baby shower and I can't wait!

Besides that, once the shower is over I'll be about 2 months away from holding our little guy <3