Friday, April 7, 2017

The "Other" Big News!

Hey Everyone!
I mentioned in my last post that I have some pretty huge news and it has me really excited!
In my hope to grow my blog and make it a really "happenin" place, I was trying to make connections with people. Everything starts with an introduction, right?!
So I contacted Fabric Depot.

I was very pleasantly surprised when they had a proposition for Me!

They asked if I would be able to come up with a project and do a tutorial on their blog!
I have never done anything like that before..
If you know me, you already know that I jumped on the idea with very little thought at all! ;)
Sometimes the most fun things are those that are so unexpected!

I had a cool idea that I had been wanting to try out.. It had been on my mind for months and I had just been too busy with other projects, to give it a shot.


Have you ever gotten all warm and comfortable under the covers in bed, only to realize that you want to change the channel on the TV? As usual, is the remote control on hubby's side? Unreachable..??
I got tired of it! =D

Thus, my Remote Caddy was born!


I had the whole concept of it laid out in my head pretty easily.
I was able to create it with no big issues popping up, too! That surprised me!
When it came to putting those steps on paper, things got a little tricky.
However, I think it went really well!

I made my thread visible so it would be easier for you to see what I was doing!

If you would like to make your very own Remote Caddy, check out Fabric Depot's blog for my very first Tutorial!

Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY questions or to let me know what you think!

If you make one, will you share it with me!?

I would just love to see them all!

Have a terrific weekend and Good Luck with your Fabric Caddy, friends!

God Bless!!


  1. That is fantastic! I LOVE Fabric Depot. I live in Portland and I just love going into that store. I am going to hop over to their blog right now. :)

  2. Good for you -- you put yourself out there and what a wonderful result! Congratulations! I live in the east but have been to Fabric Depot once, about 10 years ago. We were traveling in Oregon and my husband found a flyer at a hotel for a fabric store. I hadn't heard of it at that time but he offered to go. And Oh. My. Goodness. Totally amazing place!

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  4. Congratulations, that's a great result, and really cute tutorial.


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