Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Closed- {Special} March Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday!!

So it's my FAVorite time, again!
Seems like we JUST did this!! =D

This month though, my giveaway is to celebrate my youngest son's 9th birthday! I can't believe my baby is getting so big!

His Birthday is on St. Patty's Day and he happens to be the luckiest kid around! We are part Irish, too, so it is very fitting!
He had major open heart surgery in Janurary, 2012 - This little boy is amazing.. To this day he blows my mind.
This post tells His Story!

This post gives a peek into his days at the hospital and just after getting home, hanging with his bestest buddy- his older brother <3

This picture was from the day after surgery. I was doing whatever I could to make him smile and you know what..farting noises have never failed me and they didn't that day either!  Love that smile
As I am sure you can imagine, I began packing his hospital bag about a month beforehand. Lest I forget something very important, like his favorite bear or blanky! He would have loved it if I could have brought all of his animal friends! I kid you not, upon request, I use to bury this kid at bedtime in all of his animals. That is how he loved to sleep.. The little silly.. =D

Honestly, I wouldn't have any pictures with my kids if I had to like My
The boys were posing in new school clothes and we took a fun group shot. ;)
He's still my baby boy!
As you can see from the recent photos, he is just a regular boy - full of energy and silliness! He also happens to be very proud of his scar and if he likes you, he'll show you ;)
OK! ENOUGH reminiscing, already!
Let's get on to the good stuff!
To celebrate my boy's 9th birthday, I am doing this giveaway a bit differently! 
I am sponsoring this myself with a couple of super fun extras from a few awesome sponsors!!
I visited my favorite shops and found things to purchase, that I could include and also found things on line.
You get EVERYTHING in the box below..
{Go Ahead, you can scroll down for a quick peek, I don't mind at all!} =D
and also
2- Bonnie and Camille Basics- Packs AND another surprise that I don't want to oust JUST yet..
GreenFairy Quilts is giving a $10 Gift Certificate!
Front Porch Quilts in Troy Michigan, gave me 2 Toscana Charm Packs to include
CottonCuts is throwing in a Blueberry Park Fat Quarter Bundle
{pictured directly below}!

I have been working on this for quite awhile and boy ,am I thrilled with the outcome! 

Now- Maybe your wondering how you can enter?! ;)

Good Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Wishing him a very happy 9th birthday🎂

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Thanks for the giveaway. It looks spectacular! BTW... I actually follow you through a bookmark on my toolbar, but you are now on my bloglovin' list as well. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! This is why my wonderful group of ladies sew pillocases. We just dropped off 410 on Monday to Charlotte's Levine Children's Hospital. We love children.

  4. Thanks for the great Giveaway, and wish that handsome young man a Happy Birthday!

  5. Replies
    1. Awesome! I love you too! good luck, sweety!!

  6. Happy birthday little man.

  7. I entered! I am trying really hard to get a post done but most of my work lately has been on the mini quilt which I can't show yet! I'll have to get creative!

  8. Happy Birthday! You are very strong.

  9. I follow on Pinterest (RSHudson). Happy your son is doing well :) I've got a son turning 9 in about 3 months; boys are fun! Thanks for chance to win! marshudson at comcast dot net

  10. Wishing your son a very happy birthday!!

  11. Glad your cutie pie son is okay! Happy Birthday to him! God bless.

  12. Just found this. I entered. Thank you.

  13. Happy birthday to the cutest boy ever! You look like such a good mom. Thanks for sharing the photos and the story. I'll pray for continued good health. And yes, the time just zips by! My girl is now a sophomore (almost a junior) in college. Where did that time go? My favorite thing is to hang out with her. I bet you feel just the same way.


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