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Friday, February 3, 2017

Minky Scarves!

Hey Everybody!
I hope your week is going very well!

Last week, I showed you all the minky scarf that I made and asked why we don't see them around anyone's neck?!  Babies get all of the good stuff! lol

Well.. I LOVE mine! It is super comfy and keeps me nice and toasty while I am out walking our 1.25 miles, at night with my boys, for exercise.

My sister almost stole it right off of my shoulders on Friday and I was lucky to make it out alive! lol
I really only made it out because I promised that I would make one for them, too! Notice I said them...that would be 3.. Not to mention the other several that I want to make, to boot.. So I am working double time to get all 3 finished so I can quilt them and mail them right out asap. I really don't want them to have to put them away until next winter... but I need to get cracking to get them all done. lol

You know.. I think I found out why you don't see them around anyone's neck..
They are a PAIN in the Neck! hahaha - gotta love those puns..
I have 3 cut, as I type, and have 1 almost sewn together.
We will have to see if it survives the visual test as soon as I pull it through right side out.. If not, I will have to get my trusty seam ripper out and go to town to give it another go.

It is a little off (as usual, lol!) but I am still going to finish this one and see how it goes. If I do have to rip it out, at least I will be able to see what I can change to help it go more smoothly next time.

The minky moves around like there is music on and it's doing the hustle!
I thought to post pictures of all of the pins that I used to hold the thing still.. I need a lot more. lol - I don't know how I can pin a good section of it and look back and see that it isn't quite right anymore.. grrrr... Yes, Sometimes I growl...It is much better than what wants to come out of my mouth, believe me! lol

I am also thinking about how I want to quilt them all. Something easy and fast but super sweet looking- you know- easy right! BAH haha...
I am going to pull out my favorite sewing tool for that job! My Full Line Stencils and Pounce Pad! 

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God Bless and Good Luck!!


  1. Amy,
    Minky can be a challenge to work with! How sweet of you to make the scarves for your sisters!

  2. Never saw minky scarves before - Thanks for linking up to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  3. I ran across some hand made scarves with ribbon serged around the edge. Wish I had a photo to share. they were adorable. Yours is going quite well!


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