Friday, February 10, 2017

Interview With A Quilter

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling blessed and loved!

I had this idea a few weeks ago and decided to roll with it- I hope you enjoy!

My Aunt has been sewing for years and years.
I got to thinking that she must have some awe-some tips and stories.
Out of the blue, I emailed her and asked if I could do this little thing on my blog and ask her some questions.
She said Sure! - Though, I am sure she didn't expect the 20 that I sent for her to answer- Sorry, dude! lol

For every question that I put on paper, 2 more would pop into my head!
I got quite a few down and then I added a couple good ones from my readers and viola! 20 Questions.. I guess it is quite fitting.. lol

1) How long have you been sewing
 I remember making a dress to wear to school in 7th grade.  My Mom  was a sewer and she taught me.  I also had Home Economics in Junior High and always signed up for sewing because I had no interest in cooking and those were the choices.
2) Why did you start, who inspired you

 My Mom was very crafty and I learned sewing and knitting from her.  Her hands were always busy making something.  (AmyScrapSpot's) Grandma Betty donated 100's of knitted hats and mittens at Christmas time over the years.
I've seen those, there was never a moment that she didn't have knitting in her hands! She has warmed up sooo many little hands and heads in her lifetime!

3) What is the hardest thing you ever made

 I was interested in a quilt as you go wall hanging and over the process of making it decided I needed to learn how to make quilts the old fashioned way.  I did finish the quilt but was totally frustrated when I had to fold over and hand stitch all the seam allowances to cover the seams that held the blocks together.  Over time I have made intricate quilts with thousands of pieces that are doable as long as you are patient.

4) What is your favorite thing to create/ (5) What is something you Hate about it

 Quilting is my favorite!  Each process from choosing the fabric to making a label is fun!  The more difficult the pattern the longer it takes and you can some times feel you will never get done.  You start to question why you started it in the first place but when it is finished you get great satisfaction in viewing your labors.  You hope the person you share it with will appreciate the quilt and take care of it because of the hours of love you put into it.

6) Something you love

 I love to see the colors come together when the quilt is constructed.  The brights and whites to the subtle and pale can all fuse together to make an outstanding quilt.

7) Do you fix all mistakes

 Yes I fix all mistakes.  One time I showed a finished quilt top to a friend and she immediately spotted a mistake in the middle of the quilt.  I had to take the rows apart to get to the bad part and fix it.  Every time I looked at the quilt I would only be able to look at the mistake so I fixed it.

8) Do you always use patterns / (9) Ever create your own patterns

 I use patterns all the time.  My mind doesn't create patterns I follow them.  It's good to know your limitations!  I can do variations but making up the pattern is greek to me.

10) How many quilts have you made

 I can't count the number of quilts I have made.  I did start a scrap book with a picture of each quilt and a picture of the person I made it for.  Not every quilt has been documented.  

11) How many have you quilted yourself

 I would like to do more machine quilting.  I only feel comfortable quilting baby and lap quilts on my home machine.  I did get a Janome with a large throat so I could do larger quilts however it is very tiring pushing and pulling the material around while working on it.  Looking forward to renting time on a long arm machine at the local quilt store soon.

12) What is the biggest / smallest

 The sizes range from King to coasters and everything in between!
13) Do you have a favorite (go to) pattern or fabric

 I use a lot of Moda fabrics.  I don't usually have a preference, what I look for is color.  I do only use fabric from quilt stores or online quilt suppliers because I have learned by using them the colors don't fade.  Everything will fade eventually with washings and sun damage but for all the time you spend making them you will be happier longer with the good stuff.

14) Your best achievement

 One of my Trapunto quilts did earn a "Judges Choice" ribbon at a Missouri Quilt show.

15) What kind of sewing machine do you use

 I do love my Janome machine.  User friendly and a work horse.  The price is also to be considered over the other higher end machines out there.  I enjoyed it so much that when I bought the Quilter's Edition" I purchased another Janome.
16) Is there anything you'd like to sew but never quite got around to it

 Usually I have several projects going at the same time.  My wallet can't keep up with my eyes!  I love to be shopping for fabrics, have one or two that are in the process and looking for patterns. 
17) What is the best sewing tip you ever got

 Tip:  DON'T sew after surgery when you have been under anesthesia.  You think you know what you are doing but you DON'T.  You will look at the project a few weeks after and say "What the heck was I doing".
18) Whats the one piece of advice that you'd give to someone wanting to sew

 Start with one project at a beginner level and learn how to do it right.  It will save you grief in the long run.
19) Whats the one tool you could never do without

 For quilting the favorite tools:  cutting board, acrylic ruler and rotary cutter.  These three are invaluable.

20) Do you have any particular brands that you recommend for novice sewits/ quilters

 I like to use my coupons from Joann's when shopping for quilting tools and they carry a good selection of brands to choose from.  I do like the lines on the Omnigrid tools and find them accurate and easy to read.
She is an amazing quilter and I hope to some day be half good at it as she is!!
Also, she has been teaching her 8 year old granddaughter (T) to quilt and let me tell you, T's quilt (YES, she appliqued an awesome quilt!!) turned out so beautiful! You would never know that an adult hadn't made it! Sorry- I wish I had a picture of her perfect flowers!
I hope you enjoyed our little interview. =)
I had a great time, as usual, doing this post and I hope to do more like it!
Have a fantastic weekend and God Bless!!


  1. I enjoyed reading this interview from your aunt, Amy! I love hearing the background and hints from those who have been at this hobby for a long time. She added a good tip about sewing after anesthesia! I would add the same about after enjoying an adult beverage!

  2. OK, now that is just teasing us, Amy! Where are all the pictures of the beautiful quilts your aunt has made?? :)


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