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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A New {UnExpected} Challange

I don't know about the weather where you are, but here in Michigan it has been gorgeous!
In February, we are used to getting a lot of snow and very windy, cold temps.
This week we have had some major record setting warm temps and none of us are complaining!
This picture is from a much colder, snowier night, though!

Today, I thought I would share something quite personal..
I have a fantastic community of friends here and I welcome any helpful tips that you may have to offer. :)

My boys are 12(JJ) and nearly 9 (CC). They are pretty much opposite in every way.
Where my 9 year old is laid back and "cool".. my 12 year old sometimes has a hair-trigger and stresses out.. CC has my body style, so he is tall and slender.
JJ has his dads body style and let's just say that isn't tall and slender..

JJ has been unhappy about his body for a long time but it wasn't until the doctor said (in December 2016) that he should loose some weight, that I realized there was a problem.
JJ was a big boy. Has been since birth. He's been in the 97% for height and weight, his whole life.

It's important for him to love who he is and that is all that it comes down to. And he didn't love himself. In fact, at this point, I think he even hated himself. His body was betraying him. He wants it to look a certain way and that just isn't possible for him. Do you know what I mean?
He looks at his slender brother and wishes it were him. but he just can't ever be slender. BUT He CAN be himself and we can make him the BEST self he can be! =D
After leaving the doctor, Jacob and I had some serious conversations about the changes that we would both have to make for him to be successful.
He didn't need a "diet", he just needed to make better decisions about what and how much he ate. He sometimes made poor decisions at his dads house (or ate because he was bored or stressed) and I needed him to understand that HE has to be in charge of what he eats. He can't count on anyone else to do it for him.
Though, at home with me, I do handle all of that for him. (So, I guess it kind of makes sense that given some freedom in that department, he would want to really stretch the limitations.. Way to go me.. ugh)
I make all the meals and tell him what and when he can and can't eat.
You know, I have been doing that since they were babies.
It just doesn't occur to me to give them full reign of the pantry and fridge.
That just seems and when their 18.. I'll STILL do it because they'll eat us out of house and home!! LOL!!

Immediately, I started taking my 2 boys on a nightly walk.
Initially, it was about 3/4 of a mile. I found an app on my phone to help us track how far we went for how long.
We haven't been able to go out every night. Sometimes it's rainy and that's no good when it is also freezing. lol
I think the coldest it has ever been was 14*f. Which, I don't think I really have to point out, is friggin cold!! lol
I made a decision early on that I could not let Cold be the reason we didn't walk. Newsflash, it's winter in Michigan, it's Going to be cold. lol

I realized very quickly that I needed to feel like I was doing more for my son that just making his food differently (when he was home, anyway). I just didn't HAVE him all of the time to be able to ensure that everything was going as "planned".. Taking them on a jog/walk makes me feel like I am REALLY trying to help him change. I want to show him that no matter how hard something is or what happens, I will never leave his side. (I'll admit, I'm not usually up for horseplay, it's cold and I want to get home. lol). I think my supporting him in this way has changed the way he has reacted to it and makes it a positive thing for him. Excersizing is already a great motivator but QT with me certainly doesn't hurt! -Man... when my boy doesn't want me around anymore, it is sure going to hurt..sniff sniff..

These days our jog/walks go for about 1.5 miles, or more.
It's been easy to get outside when we are in "the mode" but when we can't go out for a couple of days it gets easier to put it off.

Fast forward a bit-
In the first 2 months, Jacob lost 13 lbs!
He can see the difference and he is very motivated to ditch more of those pesky ego eating pounds!

I have changed all of our diets - but let's be honest.. My hubby and I still eat pizza rolls for dinner when I don't want to cook.. I'm not even going to mention how often THAT is!! lol
We buy a lot of turkey, now! Ground turkey makes for great taco meat, meatloaf (though I have mixed 1/2 and 1/2 with ground beef for the flavor), spaghetti and chili! Seriously, you can't even tell it's different, except that it is softer and you know what, Better!! You should try it! ;)

I am starting him on the DoTerra Slim "shake" soon to help him get past this plateau in his weight-loss and I am confident that he will accomplish his goal and feel so much better for it!

If any of you have had AWE-some sucess with a certain thing for weight-loss, I would LOVE to hear about it, please share!

I think all of this could explain why I have been somewhat lacking with my posts lately. I would MUCH rather not have to do all of that work, but that's life, or so they say! ;)
I'm working on my projects in every spare moment, I promise!

Take real good care everyone and God Bless!!


  1. It is nice to hear that you are supporting your family in being more healthy. It can be real hard sometimes as a mom. I have a teenage son myself and he is the tall and lean one and I am the *not* tall and *not* lean one. He is so supportive and encouraging to me to make a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet so that I feel better healthwise. I finally started using the 21 day fix. It helps a lot with learning to cook with natural ingredients and portion size. There are some great recipes out there.

  2. I commend you on your effort and activity with your sons. There are many parents that just wouldn't do that. The only thing I can contribute is that I know more protein and a lot less carbs helps. Good luck,

  3. I have found that portion control and staying away from sugary treats works best for me...along with walking every day. I like that he is not "dieting". Dieting only last for a while and then the weight comes back on...(been there, done that). There has to be a commitment to lifestyle change in order to keep weight off. I'm so glad that you are not only encouraging him, but being active with him. That means so much. Keep up the good parenting and I wish him lots of success. :)

  4. Bless you, I know your heart aches for your son. Congratulations on finding an avenue for all of you to be involved in healthy living! My sons were much like yours in their shapes and sizes. My oldest was as big round as he was tall when he was 10 years old!!!! He was very active, we all ate healthy... I have a thought that this is just normal for those children. As long as there are no series health issues aside from the weight. Joshua-my oldest grew & grew! Teen age years brought a more slender body with a paunchy tiny belly.... But again, he kept growing and he is a 24 year old - 6'2" bean pole now... He loved skateboarding, hiking, rock climbing, back packing & LaCrosse.... So you are doing a great job showing your son support! Allow him to engage in all those activities he loves or may be interested in. Many cost us a bit more money than I wanted at times, but he sure is worth it! And I know your son is too!

  5. How awesome that your are supporting your son in what could be a difficult time! I've read your posts about your evening walks - such a special time with your boys! I'm sure they will remember them with great fondness! Hugs to you all!


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