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Friday, January 13, 2017

What to ask, What to ask..?

😊Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great week and it follows you through the weekend!
I have been thinking lately (I know, uh-oh) that I would like to do an interview with someone close to me- that has been sewing almost longer than I have been alive. lol

I thought before I requested that interview, I would outline my questions and ask what you all think! =)

So, I am just going to dive into the burning questions that I have about her experiences sewing, if you could just let me know what I have missed!?

1) How long have you been sewing
2) Why did you start, who inspired you
3) What is the hardest thing you ever made
4) What is your favorite thing to create
5) What is something you Hate about it

6) Something you love
7) Do you fix all mistakes
8) Do you always use patterns
9) Ever create your own patterns
10) How many quilts have you made
11) How many have you quilted yourself
12) Your best achievement
13) What kind of sewing machine do you use

I am sure there are some really great questions that I missed, ideas?!
I look forward to your responses!!

I'm really excited to work on this and hope to have it posted soon!

Take good care all and God Bless!             


  1. Hi Amy (it's ME again. Just popped over from the disqus discussion haha. Thought I might be able to add my 2 cents worth given I've been sewing for - yep you guessed it !! A life time. Or atleast YOUR lifetime hah)
    So I might ask a couple more things like:
    . Is there anything you'd really love to sew
    but you've never quite gotten round to it ?
    . What was the best sewing tip you ever got.
    . What's the one piece of advice you'd give
    to someone wanting to learn to sew ?
    . What's the one tool you could never go
    without ?
    . Do you have any particular brands that you
    recommend for novice sewers/quilters ?

    These are just what came off the top of my head but I'm sure if I sat down and gave it some thought I'd come up with perhaps something a little more interesting/professional !! Haha. Hope that helped and yell out if I can do anything else 😍

    1. Man! See, look at the GREAT questions that I almost missed!
      I am SO glad I thought to post this AND share it on Disqus!
      Thank you sooo much Debbie for your 2 cents! I think you overpaid, those are worth at LEAST a quarter! ha!
      Great questions!!


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