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Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Logo & Blog button!

So I got this itch a few weeks ago..
I really wanted to find a way to represent my blog!
...I needed a logo!

I have this slight {HUGE} affinity for our pet tortoises.
We've had them now for about 7 months, WoW..
They are the cutest things I have ever seen. They love when I scratch the back of their shells and to walk onto our hand to come out and explore our living room. They find every single cobweb, too.. lol
So I thought they would be a GREAT mascot for my blog!
Have you ever seen a crafting blog with tortoises, before!?
I haven't!

So I set out on (The site where my InterActive ScrapChat is) and I posted on a couple of different "channels" to ask for help designing a {you guessed it} tortoise logo.

One member there was so incredibly helpful!! Not only did she take a few days to work on it but she asked me specific questions I didn't think of, so she could get a good mental picture of what I had in mind.
She helped to evolve the idea and sent me the CUTEST picture!

I took her picture and did a bit of playing in Photoshop.
{you know what.. All I did was make a layer with a mirror image of the original tortoise, changed the colors a bit and viola! It took me a couple of hours because I had no idea what I was doing. but I wanted to play, not Google for the answer. ;}

What do you think of my new logo!?
Of course, it will be much smaller as a blog button! haha
And you know.. Thanks to This Awesome Post- Turning my logo into a button was a snap!! -Now I am able to use that info to use my logo in a lot of different ways, Yay!
Next, I am going to add a "grab box" so I can offer you all the option of posting it, too. =D
I am so totally excited to have an awesomely original logo to represent my blog!!
It is even Live! right now!
Have a safe and very blessed weekend everyone!! <3


  1. Awww so cute. Congrats, I know how hard it is to find info and put things together, lucky you had some good help!


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