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Friday, January 20, 2017

A Minky Scarf!

Happy Friday!

I can't believe it is here already- time flies when your having fun! ...or sitting at your desk at work all week waiting for the weekend to arrive! haha

I had a thought last weekend..
How come I have never seen a scarf made with minky!?
We use it like crazy for babies and kids but..
Why not for around our own necks when it is freezing cold outside!?

This is my first attempt and I love it. The quilting will improve, I hope- there really isn't a choice. lol - if not, I should just quit sewing altogether. lol
I decided though, to use wonky lines on the ends -about 10" up each end, then I used a big triangle to do a quick wonky run through the middle.

I got pretty impatient to finish this one because I want to wear it before Spring, and with it around my neck who is going to eyeball my stitches?! =D

If you notice- the flower fabric is from my very first sewing project- the apron.
It's so neat to use it for something to accessorize. It even matches my winter coat!

My aunt gave me all sorts of her minky scraps.. She had no idea I was looking for options! She must be a mind reader. Yay!
So hopefully, I can get into some of that after I finish that cute tortoise - that is the bane of my

There is definitely room for improvement but I like the look of it!
The next one is for someone else, so I won't be rushing that quilting. ;)

I hope you all have a super weekend!

God Bless!

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