Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sewn Christmas Gift- Wallet


I hope this new week finds you all doing very well and happily preparing for Christmas- Which is only a few short weeks away now, eek!
I posted here that I was making my boys wallets for Christmas. =D
Which I have never made before. *Here's to jumping in with both feet- again!* haha

On Saturday I was able to finish 1 wallet and get mostly through the 2nd wallet.
-Then I was forced to quit-haha.. Hubby and I are FINALLY painting our kitchen and dining room, so I was needed elsewhere. Don't you hate that. lol

Of course, these wallets were a last minute idea that I had, big surprise, right! ha
It happened to be Black Friday when I decided I NEEDED to go and get fabric. Joann's had a pretty good sale going and I found fabric that I thought my boys would like (They are all about gaming these days).
As I was wandering about the store, I mean, I Had to check for other sales, right!?
I came across a craft fabric (pictured below) that is water repellent. I decided to pick some up and see if I could use it on the outside of the wallets. :)

Oly Fun- it is also no fray - bonus! 
 I wanted to use primarily black because my oldest is highly color conscious. Heaven forbid something draw attention to him! lol
 Even if the outside is (all) black, I added that cool fabric to the inside for a fun pop.
On the inside pockets and the inside of the bill holder, I used the Gaming fabric. Then I used the meander stitch that comes built in on my sewing machine.
Also, It's impossible to see but there is a black pocket right behind the gaming print pockets.
I still have 1 wallet to finish and it will be a little different than this one.
Mainly, my little guy isn't afraid of color so his will have more of that fun fabric. =D

Yet another project that isn't perfect- but for all of it's flaws, I still think it turned out pretty cute. We are our own worst critic, right?
So I am hoping I am just being super critical and that my boys will not even notice those little special features. lol

What do you think?! - I'm not sure.. but they aren't a tangled mess, so I am calling it a sucess! haha

I'm linking up with Busy Hands Quilts!

What's on your Christmas Making 'To-Do' list!?

P.s. The giveaway starts 12/7 and it is posted- Here!


  1. Your wallets are a "Cute Success!" A Christmas theme apron is on my Christmas Making To-Do List. Happy Crafting!

  2. Awesome finish, I love that you were able to personalize the wallet yet still keep it 'cool'.

    Hope your kitchen looks bright & new!

  3. A smashing success! You son will love it! I wouldn't be surprised if you get requests for orders on these! :)


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