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Friday, December 30, 2016

Old School Sewing Tool & Linky!

Do you ever come accross something and wonder what the heck it is!?

My husband found this tool at a thrift store years ago and didn't know exactly what it's purpose was. For $1 he decided to buy it and see.

Fast forward several years and he came accross it again in some old stuff.
This time he had Google handy and found out that they are Wooden Seam Rollers.
That is great because as we were talking about it beforehand, I could only think that they would be useful to flatten seams and nest them nicely. Bonus!
I am working on This Baby Quilt and taking time to get my seams right, so I will give this bad boy a go!

Do you have any Whacky, Nifty, Sweet or Fun sewing tools, notions or decor!?
The world would LOVE to see it, why not link up and share!?


  1. I have a more modern one of plastic. It came in a wallpapering kit. You use it to smooth down the seams of wallpaper when hanging it. The curved one is better since it would keep you from pressing out too much of the paste.

  2. As Patricia suggested, these were probably intended to roll wallpaper seams. I have one that I used to use for exactly that. But now I use it in the sewing room and it is wonderful! Great to flatten seams or for any job where I might otherwise finger press. Also great when foundation paper piecing to press a seam after a piece of fabric is added.

    1. Thats neat! This one comes up as a sewing tool. Im interested in trying it out for sure, thanks for your comment!

  3. I have been looking in the 'notions' sections of quilt shop websites for just such a tool! Having read the comments you've received I think I'll take my search to our local hardware stores instead!😁

  4. Ha! Sounds like a good plan! I hope you can find one, good luck!!


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