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Friday, December 2, 2016

InterActive ScrapChat is Ready!

As you might know, I have been working on this InterActive ScrapChat idea for a few months now.
Unfortunatily the idea spun around in my head for a couple of months before an idea struck and I was left wondering WHY it took me so long to realize it..DUH!

There is a webside called Disqus. I ran into it during my research and began a "channel". At that time, I wasn't sure what to do from there. Today, I realized that I could update some settings and allow guests to not only leave comments but also post pictures!
That is EXactly what I was looking for!! 

I have started discussion called "Christmas is almost here!" so we could all connect and share the fun things that we are working on for our loved ones.. and ourselves!

I've already posted the wallet that I am working on and now it's Your turn!
I'm so grateful to everyone that left comments on my ScrapChat tab (on this blog). I will be looking into the possibility of adding those to the "channel". I think it is awesome to get to know each other and these little facts help us all connect!

So come on! Click This Link! and add to our conversation, we'd love to have you!

The URL for your convenience is

I can't wait to hear about what's on your crafting table!

I have a giveaway going on until December 21!

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