Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Feeling Spent...

💖Hey friends!
I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday filled with happiness, love and quality time with family and friends!

I thought todays' title was pretty much a dead ringer.. haha.. Who isn't feeling spent after Christmas - and Christmas Crafts?! (I just love puns, lol)

I took a little break from sewing. After rushing to get Christmas gifts done I thought a vacay was in order. Plus preparing for the holidays was a bit extra intensive.. Since we were painting our dining room - and finished it, literally an hour before people got to our home! eeek! ;)

I really enjoyed the time off of work! It always goes way too fast but it feels so nice when your right in the middle of that long weekend.. haha

My awesome step sister gave me a Design wall for Christmas,
I am totally geeked! =D

I was also super excited when I opened a gift from my husband to discover that it was the EQ7 that I have been DYING for!

I waited an appropriate amount of time before I ripped open the box and grabbed my laptop to install it! ...then I was abruptly stopped in my tracks..
I have to call the customer service number to get it installed =(

I emailed them (on Christmas Day...) and of course they were closed for the holiday, which I assumed.. But, you know, you just want to get it in their email box asap so MAYBE it could be an easy fix and can be taken care of like magic! lol...yeah..
But - Hey, they are awesome and emailed me this morning, Thanks Guys!!

Of course, something within my laptop is keeping it from installing.
Don't you hate when your electronics sabotage you?!

All I can do is HOPE that I can figure out how to stop all of my blockers and junk so it will let the program install.. Did I mention that I have been waiting for this for, like, Ever!? ugh!
Instant gratification is the BEST..and this is definatily NOT.. lol

Anyway, I will be messing with it until it is up and running. I have BIG plans for this baby and it is instrumental in my New Years ReSEWlution plans!

I plan to be back behind my favorite table within the next couple of days, just wait until you see what I have in mind! =D

I thought it might be fun to Add a link up for Christmas Gift Fun! Did you get or give something that you LOVE!? Hand made or otherwise, Let's see it!
You can link up as many as you would like.
There won't be a giveaway at this time, I just thought this would be a fun way to connect! =)

Have a very Blessed New Year and take good care!


  1. You got EQ7???? Lucky! I have been researching it, and reading about how others handled the learning curve. I am toying with the idea of either EQ7 or EQ Mini, or just spending time drawing out patterns the old fashioned way. I will be curious to see how it goes for you. Best of New Year's to you!

  2. EQ7 is a great program, I couldn't do without mine anymore. It is a pain to load on just about any software. It took me forever to figure it out with Windows 10. But their customer service is pretty good, email them if you need help. Enjoy your new gifts.

  3. Yahoo! EQ7! I have been thinking about getting that but haven't yet taken the plunge. A little bit chicken.


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