Thursday, November 10, 2016

Winner Wednesday..On Thursday!

It's finally time to draw the winner for that fantastic Moda Jelly roll!
I am a little sad to see it move off of my table.. It looked so pretty sitting there.. Just Begging me to unroll it! I refrained, but boy, it was tough! LOL

I am so excited- you would think I won it! ha!
Patricia- Miaismine, come on've JUST won my Giveaway!haha- I totally felt all Price-is-Right(y) there! lol

I'm so glad that you've won Patricia, I will be emailing you!

I would LOVE to see what you decide to use this beautiful Jelly roll for!

Maybe I will even giveaway something extra if my past winners let me post what they've created on my blog!?
I think that is a FANtastic idea! So it is now law..(hehe)
If you send me what you have created from your prize, I will post it on my blog and send you something extra special!

I Thank Everyone so much for making my giveaway so much fun!
I got to learn so much about you all and can't wait until we can have another go 'round!

At this point I am trying to sort out next years sponsors, so I am not entirely sure how that will go for the moment.


December IS just around the corner (and THAT is definitely THIS year)! =D

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!

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  1. Thank you so much, Amy! I'm so excited and will place this project on my Quilts of 2017 list! Be Blessed!


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