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Friday, November 18, 2016

My New Year ReSEWloution

As we approach the New Year at an amazingly quick pace, I find myself thinking ahead.. Which is a great..(and a terrible..) thing. lol
I have never made a New Years' resolution before and in the last few days I have had a thought..
I really want to make quilts for my boys.
AND I don't want them to be done as I send them off to college in 6 to 10 years.. (my boys are 8 and 12 now ;)

SO- I am going to make a ReSEWlution for the new year, instead!
It's HARD to give up things just because it's a different day, you know.. So instead of GIVING UP, I am Giving IN- to my addiction, that is! ha!

I have participated in several link ups- like one of my FAVS The OMG Linky (that recently relocated) with Elm Street Quilts.

After little thought I decided to create a *To-Do 2017*..

In a couple of months, I will start my preparation and planning for my boys quilts! My reSEWlution is that they will be FINISHED by 2018!

That should give me tons of time to get them done and maybe even have some other projects in there, too!

Creating a quilt for my 8 year old shouldn't be too difficult. Thank goodness! He is a lively kid that likes all sorts of colors and silly stuff! He has no problem with pink and likes purple, too!
So I will probably go with brights on his. I just love brights.
You can probably tell if you've seen my past posts ;)

My 12 year old, on the other hand, is much more difficult.
He is in a phase of kind of wanting to blend in. He prefers straight color without design. (Yes, I am positive that he is mine;) lol!
I was thinking all blues for him. But black and greys would look pretty awesome, as well.

They won't be able to be a secret, (that takes too much effort!!) maybe I can get a little input from them on their respective quilts.. hmm..
I don't know if you have ever tried that..?
I have with a few things and I'll tell you what.. They come out with the funniest (and sometimes coolest) fabric ideas. Then I am stuck searching and searching and settling on something as close as possible.
I swear, I think of things that I want and after a strenuous search, can't find.
I can't be the ONLY one to think of *those things*.. Oh well..

ANYWAYS, I've got my 2017 all planned out, already!
There's a first for everything! =D

Do you have YOUR 2017 planned!?

I am linking up with Quilting Jet Girl!

Wish me luck!  HA

Have a GREAT weekend and God Bless!!


  1. Sounds like a great resolution, I can't wait to see your progress on the quilts.

  2. Your boys will love their quilts. Perhaps you could let your 12 year old help with the design, but you chose the fabric? That could backfire though, I know. I asked my son (35 years old) to pick the pattern for his Bob Marley quilt - he chose an Attic Window design! :o
    Take good care!

  3. I think that focusing on making for your boys might be a joyful way to quilt in 2017. I hope they enjoy giving you some feedback, as that might make the quilts that much more special for them. Thank you so much for linking up!


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