Monday, November 7, 2016

Kitty Curtain Progress

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of whatever it is you like best! Be it sleep, sewing or Halloween

As usual, I was able to tackle some quality sewing over the weekend! THAT is what I like best! =D

I just had to get to work on those Kitty Curtains!
Having only about 3 weekends left to get them done, I really need to hustle!

I was really happy with the progress that I made.
I bought 4 black curtain panels for my son's bedroom.
I didn't want the darkening panels so these are linen.
I also bought about 3 yards of Heat n' Bond Lite, to make sure I had enough to stick all of my pieces in place. THAT stuff is the Bomb! It made this whole thing so much easier (AND possible)!

There was a bit of an oops, as usual, haha..
My kitty panel had enough for each curtain panel to have 4 pictures except for 1, DOH! So, I improvised! I found this super cute "Kitties in Yarn" fabric and am using that as a "filler"..
There is a piece of trim at the top and bottom of each and I am going to add accents in the plainer areas, so they don't look so blah. lol

I am having my concerns with these turning out the way I hoped.
I didn't line everything up because I just KNOW how I am and that is something that I am just not capable of. haha.
I MUCH rather place them wonk(ily) on purpose instead of having them look off on accident! lol
It's just SOO obvious! lol...

On to those pictures!
          As you can see, this is the panel that I didn't have enough cat squares for.. I wish I had thought to do each panel with a Hexi, but at least I have some to add for later!  I am ironing as I go, It is just too hard to iron the whole panel! (I only have a small table-top ironing board, which makes everything more difficult)=(   <- Dual sad face, totally fits. haha
 I tried out several stitches and settled on this one. Those strings will need to be cleaned up, too. ;)
 I really thought the back looked neat! you can see the stitch so perfectly. I chose to use variegated thread from light to dark blue. I am surprised that you can see it pretty well.. Makes me even happier that I chose a special stitch!
One whole panel is nearly complete! I'll be adding those accents after I bring the other 3 panels up to speed!

What do you think!?
I'm not above buying curtains if these go south, but I have my fingers crossed, and hope I don't have to do that!
Have any tips for me? I'd LOVE to hear them!!

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Thanks for checking out my current Work In Progress (WIP)!

Have a wonderfully blessed week!


  1. I liked the stitch you chose but wondered why you didn't do an applique stitch ...
    I've got a kitty quilt WIP I just need to put together the sandwich and start quilting!
    Visiting from Scraptastic Tuesday.

    1. Thank you so much for looking at my curtains, Tami! You know.. I tried out several stitches and just wanted something fun and neat looking but I am new and not really sure which stich is for what.. haha.. I guess I should look into that. I thought about going back over my blocks with another stitch but frankly, I don't know if I have the time to go over the 4 panels twice. :(
      I can't wait to see your Kitty WIP!

  2. Well done you ! I'm sure your son will love having cats to share his room. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!


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