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Thursday, November 17, 2016

CheeseCake Anyone!?

Happy Almost weekend, all!

It's been a few since I have posted, sorry!
That's mostly because those Kitty Curtains that I am working on had to be put away while the kiddos were home. :( 
I have been itching like crazy to get at them!

I will back back in full swing on those very soon though =D

Today, I thought I would step outside of my bubble and post a recipe. With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, it seemed like perferct timing!
First I have to say - I don't often bake (and by often- I mean NEVER)...Anything.. Unless it is chicken for dinner.. haha

However, about 5 years ago I was looking for something really special to take to Christmas. While pursuing my Betty Crocker Cookbook, I ran across their New York Style CheeseCake.

Of course, mine doesn't look quite the same as their picture perfect slice, but it *might just taste better than theirs! =D

I had several moments of doubt - how can I make something as grand as a cheesecake when I don't even make cookies..

The next thought that I had pretty much chased away my wonders, though.
How COOL would it be to surprise everyone with my culinary skills (haha) and have the best dessert on the table.. (not that everything isn't Great, you know!?)

I also had a 3 and 6 year old running around, so I was going to have to be up late cooking while they were in bed. Not an exciting prospect for someone who doesn't particularly like to cook.. (and by that I mean, not at all.. HAHA)

I had all of the necessary ingredients, except that I never put in the orange peel (until last year) and I don't like nuts so that meant no almonds.
To this day -I don't use anything on top of it, I just let the beautiful golden deliciousness shine. You know what, no one notices that anything is off at all!
All I ever hear is how wonderful it is (That's never hard to hear, right!?)

It was by far the best thing that I have ever contributed to a gathering.
I felt pretty darn good for putting in so much effort and having everyone love it, too!

In the past 3 years "my" cheesecake has been requested at my in-laws holiday party. THAT is definitely a cool feeling!
On the sad side, my hubby doesn't like cheesecake. :(
However, it's his dads favorite, and I think we all know that I HAVE to make it for my favorite father-in-law!
I have been trying for a couple years to make something hubby would like as well as the cheesecake, but he hates to make me work harder just for him. This year, I am going to figure out something!
Do you have any ideas?!
He mentioned maybe a cobbler.. Something else I have never cooked, that could be fun! Imagine my feeling of accomplishment when my husband gets to enjoy something that I made, too, just for him. <3

I haven't eaten dairy now for couple of years (ok, I cheat and have sour cream on tacos, how could I NOT!?) so I haven't been able to enjoy my cheesecake in quite some time but it is totally worth it and I hope it is requested for years to come!

If you are looking for something AWEsome to take to a holiday gathering you should totally try it. It isn't as hard as it sounds! Even on my very first attempt it was great, that is impressive!!

If *I* can do it, so can YOU!!
If you do, I would LOVE to hear about it!

Do you already have a dish that you LOVE to serve to loved ones for holidays!?

Have a fantastic weekend and God Bless!


  1. Oh my salivating taste buds, Amy! That cheesecake could almost be eaten right off the photo, it looks that good! You definitely should be proud of yourself since cheesecake isn't the easiest recipe to make. I've never made a plain one, but have made chocolate chip, blueberry, and turtle cheesecakes...all are yummy!

  2. Most bakers are proud of their achievements and will be happy that you liked their dessert enough to ask for the recipe. Mango cake delivery


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