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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Batiks Quilt Top Finished!!

Hi friends!

I am so beyond excited for this post!!
I have been working on my Quilt top for about 2 months and I finally finished it! Seemed like it would take forever while at the same time feeling like I was flying through it.. I know, I was confused by that, too. lol

If you would like to see those posts they are Here, Here, The Frustrating Moment Here, & Here 
I was going to link all of my posts in this post but I guess there are Quite a few, haha! so I'll make it easy on myself (unless you want the list, I can add every single one here, let me know!) ;)
If you look at my blog under September and October you will see all of the fun that I have been having, beginning with Playing With Batiks- Which I did link above as #1)!

I decided to show how the fabric (jelly roll) looked before (but after I unrolled it ;) That is the 1st picture.

2nd picture- A big stack of my very first blocks-EVER!
3rd Pic- It's Finished!! I need to trim a tiny bit and then I can move onto the part of REALLY finishing it up! (I just don't know if my excitement comes is
coming across.... lol)
      Picture 4- Up close some of the blocks I hadn't posted previously- I don't think.. I love that I have a good amount of pink in this! Living with 2 boys and hubby means that pink isn't quite as prominent in our home as I would like and this is a Great way to get it in there! HA! - I win!
Now that I have this beauty done (or close!!) I will set it aside for a little while so I can get into a few other projects that have been building up.. It's kind of sad, but I just have too much I need/want to do before I can get locked down again! lol - How close are we to Christmas....Yeah, exactly!! haha

I made it for our living room couch- I am Always cold!
I was Thinking about having it quilted by a professional. I have never quilted anything bigger than about 1.5 feet-lol- and this monster is a LOT bigger than that! (Shoot, I forgot to measure it.. I'll do that and fill you in, but it is almost as wide as my 5'10" (height) and longer than my arm span! At least that gives you a clue-haha)
I was worried about how the quilting would look and if I would be staring at errors that I made..
With it being on our couch it will be a kind of show piece - and with me making it, it'll be more so, I think! So I really want it to look awesome!

I'm going to do my best and hope I don't have to rip out a million stitches.. I'll do it- I just Really don't want to.. haha

My son sounds so much like me sometimes.. This was his response when I was talking to him about it- Mom.. Practice makes perfect and if you don't do this one you will just have to do it on the next one.. Boy oh boy- This is my 8 year old!! Such a Wise child! lol.. Little stinker!

I want to thank everyone that has commented on my quilt top and encouraged me- It's really helped me stay motivated!!

Have a wonderful week and God Bless!!

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  1. That is really gorgeous! I love batiks, and you have really created a sweet top!

    1. Thank you so much! I had so much fun making it, I'm already planning my next!


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