Monday, October 10, 2016

It's Finally Here!

In the spirit of keeping things a little "different"..

Hey everyone, How's it hanging!?
I'm doing well! Though I always hang slightly askew since straightness isn't in my make-up..haha

If you remember my mentioning that I had a new quilting machine on the way!?
Well.. That bad boy got here about 5 days before expected, Woah!
What's even better than that, you ask?! It got here on a Friday and I had the whole weekend to check it out and play with it!!

I had my eye on this AWESOME Janome machine that I wanted. Bad.
But the price tag was just (way) too steep (Blast!), when I know that there are a lot of great machines that are in my price range and can do some awesome things!

The first thing I did was Google it! I just love Google. It knows EVERYTHING!!
Low and behold, there was a GREAT blog post about the very topic that I was researching (Gasp!).. Now of course, I can not Find that post to give a thank you shout out- but I will keep looking.. -sorry :(

Anyway this great post told me exactly what I was looking for.
{Pros and Cons} for different machines, Perfect!

The *Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine with Built-in Font for Basic Monogramming* seemed like the perfect fit, right off the bat! 
The first thing I noticed is that it's pink, I love pink! haha

I began reading everything that I could find of this machine and was so excited that it seemed to be *The One and *The Price (lol) was soooo much more manageable! Under $200! - that seemed way too good to be true!
Maybe someday I will be able to get one of The Great Machines.. but for now, this little baby has been working wonderfully and (after a little bit of time setting up...correctly...haha) I was sewing!

It is loaded with 155 stitches including the alphabet! It might not do a slew of super pretty letters but it will serve my purpose very nicely (until I get an itch to REALLY dive into monogramming! ha!). The more pricey machines usually have less stitch options, so this is a big bonus!

On a side note.. This blew me away.. My new machine has THREE thread cutters on it!! The "standard" at the back left of the machine, one on the bobbin winder and one at the bobbin feeder. Wow! You almost Never need scissors handy with this baby!
Check out this picture of the bobbin feeder, by the way.. You just slide the thread through and cut off the extra with the cutter and it's done. I use to have a little trouble with my Singer, so this is a nice bonus, too!

I was able to get 2 borders on each of my blocks on Saturday (despite some severe pain Friday night..) so That was great!
I am super excited to cut the other strips that I need for my blocks so I can finish these babies up and complete my October OMG over at RedLetterQuilts!
I have to admit, the blue trim looks a against this block.. But I know/hope that once he is next to all of his siblings on the quilt top, it will look really cool (I HOPE! LOL)!

That is all for today!
Maybe next time you will see all of these blocks completed! Which would put me all the closer to finishing this!
The idea of having a blanket -that I made- to snuggle with on the chilly nights that are coming so quickly, has me so excited!

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What are you working on *Right Now?!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful week and God Bless!


  1. Call me Jealous! Having a new toy in the house would be so much fun! I hope your machine continues to be everything you've dreamed of and helps you create gorgeous projects. Nothing puts a damper on sewing more than a machine that doesn't work properly. Ugh. I am ready to put a binding on my art quilt that I've fiddled with for the last week or so. (You saw it on IG.) Work has me strapped down pretty hard right now, so I'm not sure when that will get done, but I know it'll be there when I'm ready.

  2. I am so excited for you Amy! Congratulations!
    I hope this is the beginning of a very long and happy relationship, lol!

    1. Thank you!!
      Ha! It truely is, we are very happy together! LOL!


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