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Monday, October 24, 2016

Batiks Quilt Top ALmost Assembled!

Good morning all! 
Even if it IS a Monday... ;)

I had a nice relaxing weekend full of sewing! I hope you had a productive weekend, as well!

I was happily sewing the day away Sunday when I realized that I had chores to do.. *That I decided I could procrastinate and not do Saturday...*
Don't you hate plugging along only to realize that you have to.......go grocery shopping!!! Ugh.. I really don't enjoy that venture, at all.. Sometimes being an adult really stinks! ...and then I think of *That* fabric that I want and I remember why I like being a adult,

If you remember this pattern is Jelly Roll Pattern by 3 Dudes, with my own spin ;)

Back to the point! 
So with all of my weekend sewing not only was I able to complete my October OMG, I was able to add another row of trim between the horizontal rows! I think with all of the other colors that I have going on in here the green(ish) trim matches pretty good. I did want to break up the blue from touching at all points.. I do think the little blue end on each trim piece looked pretty cool.
I really want this to be the perfect couch quilt, so the bigger the better! 

I am so close to sewing the final 4 rows together that I can Taste it!! 
There are definately parts that I am not too sure about in my quilt top but it is too late to go back trying to change it now! haha
Even if there are a *few* things I would change- I really like it!
The whole thing is bright and loud, just like me!

I hope you enjoied the peek at my weekend progress!

What are you working on this week!?


  1. It is looking good Amy! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like going to the grocery store!

  2. This quilt top is looking so awesome!!! Cannot wait to see it all the way done!

  3. What a clever idea to mix contrast and matching fabrics in the sashing. I like the way it makes part of the sashing disappear.
    This is such a pretty shade of blue. My favorite. I just need to use it more.


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