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Friday, October 14, 2016

Awesome Tortoise Art by Tai

Happy Friday all!

Since yesterday was such a difficult day for us, I thought I would do this post today..

We went to a local art fair in August and I really meant to post the awesomeness that we found there before now! 
I kind of forgot and got wrapped up in sewing.  *oops* Sorry, Tai!
BUT, with recent events I thought this would be a great time to post it, so it works out nicely. :)

So, we LOVE tortoises!! You know this ;)

We ran across an artists' booth at the fair and his work was really, out of this world, fantastic!
We seen that he had a tortoise ball point pen drawing on display and the hunt was on!

Our tortoises live in our livingroom and I would like to decorate "their corner" for them! =)
What better way than some really neat art!?

So after looking at ALLL of this guys inventory we settled on the one we liked best.

His art is different than anything I have ever seen. Plus he uses ball point pen.. ..Those don't have erasers, right!? Holy cow...
It is probably a bit more masculine than I would usually prefer, but he did such an excellent job on it that you just have to love it. (Really though, tortoises and flowers (my usual speed) has *been done* and he is doing something totally out of the box!!)

It reminds me of what a trotoise King Kong would look like! ha!

Tai's Web Site
Below is the picture that we purchased. The second picture is of his card, which looks totally awesome, too! The last picture I found on his website and thought it looked really neat! This guy is SO talented!

I'm sorry that it took me so long to post this Tai, but you are awesome!
We hope to catch up with you again next year!

Keep on Keepin On!

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