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Sunday, October 30, 2016

A fun silly Halloween project

Here we are, back to Monday already.. 
I hope you had a great weekend! I was able to get quite a bit done!
we even had time to go to dinner at my in-laws house on Sunday! :D

On Friday, I realized that I'd wanted to make treat bags for my boys.. Thank goodness Joann's keeps late hours ;)
I made some once before and they turned out great! (though they were from a different Pin and it's been about 5 years, so I can't remember which one it was. Very similar though. ;)

I found some cool fabric to go with their costumes and decided to make pillowcases so they could use them for more than 1 day! -duh..glad I didn't make any cuts yet!

I found this great pin on Pinterest!
She uses French seams. It seams (sorry had to use the pun ;) to me those would be more secure and might hold up better against the candy and running that is coming! lol

In an hour I had both done! I didn't use  a third trim fabric, just the 2. 

Who doesn't love skulls, eye balls and The Walking Dead!?
These go pretty well since my oldest will be the Grim Reaper and my little guy will be some form of zombie- I can't quite remember the name of it but it was very fitting *Rotten to the Core. Like I said, very fitting. lol - and well, the eye balls just seamed like a fun "topper" for both since flat black just didn't seem right.

Thanks for checking out my silly fun!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween, I know we will! =)

God Bless!


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