Sunday, October 30, 2016

A fun silly Halloween project

Here we are, back to Monday already.. 
I hope you had a great weekend! I was able to get quite a bit done!
we even had time to go to dinner at my in-laws house on Sunday! :D

On Friday, I realized that I'd wanted to make treat bags for my boys.. Thank goodness Joann's keeps late hours ;)
I made some once before and they turned out great! (though they were from a different Pin and it's been about 5 years, so I can't remember which one it was. Very similar though. ;)

I found some cool fabric to go with their costumes and decided to make pillowcases so they could use them for more than 1 day! -duh..glad I didn't make any cuts yet!

I found this great pin on Pinterest!
She uses French seams. It seams (sorry had to use the pun ;) to me those would be more secure and might hold up better against the candy and running that is coming! lol

In an hour I had both done! I didn't use  a third trim fabric, just the 2. 

Who doesn't love skulls, eye balls and The Walking Dead!?
These go pretty well since my oldest will be the Grim Reaper and my little guy will be some form of zombie- I can't quite remember the name of it but it was very fitting *Rotten to the Core. Like I said, very fitting. lol - and well, the eye balls just seamed like a fun "topper" for both since flat black just didn't seem right.

Thanks for checking out my silly fun!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween, I know we will! =)

God Bless!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

*Updated- My Boys I'm Back & I'm 4 from 2012!

The center pic above was the Last one of the day, you can totally see his exhaustion! lol - The pic to the -left and down a little- of that was the First pic of the day. haha
Hi Everyone!

I thought I would update this post.. I was quite new to blogging when I posted it in 2012 and didn't include many of the details. Now, these years later (almost 2017) I realize that I would like to remember as much as I can from this event and others! I hope you enjoy my additions. :)

So I FINALLY got the nerve to work on my 4 year olds birthday layout (Remember, this post is from Sept. 2012;) He is now 8 years old! haha)!
I have had these pictures for awhile now and have been worried that it wouldn't be what I had pictured in my head..

I have never planned a party before this. Ok, a small birthday party with a bit of family was about as close as I'd ever gotten. I was nervous but at the same time- READY and eager to tackle something so EASY compared to the surgery that we were preparing for..

My little guy had major heart surgery on January 12th (2012).
We found out that he had a heart murmur due to missing almost an entire wall on the right side of his heart. We actually found out because my 7 year old had accidentally tripped me while holding Calvin going into the grocery store. At the subsequent ER visit, from smashing his head on the ground, the Doctor kind of laughs, "Oh, did you know he has a murmur"? ummm What!?.. Thank God the head bump was nothing major but we now had something much bigger than a bump on the head, to deal with!

We played the "wait and see" for about a year.. (I guess) it was *possible for his heart to try to repair itself. Except that in my little guys case the whole wall was almost nonexistent.. That's a pretty big repair job.. for such a little body!!
We heard about the 2 options that were 'maybe' possible and had to make the hardest decision of my life.. Do we try for that almost (too good to be true) noninvasive "fix" or do we fix it like we mean it and never want to have to deal with it- ever again!? This felt so weird to me.. As I was making these decisions I was imagining saving my future son, when he has a family, a job and a LIFE, from having to go through MAJOR heart surgery.. He would NOT have bounced back nearly as quickly, if it were found later in his life..
(I was also newly divorced from his dad.. so I had to convince him that my reasoning was sound, too. The whole thing was very difficult to take. Especially when I really didn't WANT my baby to go under the knife!! - all of a sudden I had to Sell it...)

The noninvasive option ended up not being an option after all, because of the fact that it wasn't a hole, more of a missing wall.. I had already decided that the idea of having something plastic inside my baby's heart that (I wasn't convinced) couldn't just move, if jarred hard enough, wasn't the way I wanted to go.
However.. That meant that They would have to go the whole 9 yards and stop my baby's heart and have a machine breath for him.. I thought I would die having to make that decision.
They would use a piece of the outside of his heart to repair the wall, it heels right in place as if it was never missing at all. -That sounds like the kind of fix that lasts a lifetime!! This Post Shows a Peek into That Hospital Visit and the FIRST Thing he did When he got Home. (The 2nd day in the hospital all he wanted to do was play a video game with his big brother, sniff sniff..) Needless to say he was spoiled like crazy while going through all of this, haha. (He liked my soft blanket better than the hospitals and I totally gave it up without even a thought. lol)
 Our friends and family made a huge difference for us in making things as easy as possible. <3

So in the YEAR beforehand that I was stressing waiting and worrying I decided that I HAD to preoccupy myself with something (and it would have to be pretty big too..) or I would go absolutely insane..
His birthday is St. Patrick's Day (March 17th, and we are part Irish, so I totally LOVE that!! - Until he turns 21...eeeek!!).. Given that his surgery was almost exactly 2 months before that, I thought it would be the perfect time to celebrate (and Big)!

Thus was born- Cal's Back and He's 4!!
That's what I put on the invites and literally what I called it every time I could. I just loved it (and still do..haha)! lol

He had about 30 guests, a pinata, crafts, and Friends - That makes for one happy kid! Plus the theme- of course- was green, so whoever wore the MOST green won a BIG candy bar. lol

If you can even believe this..- This miracle boy was in the hospital for 4 days and he was up and running (Literally!!) by day 6.. It was CRA-ZY!!
You could not even tell that he had just undergone a major heart surgery! He didn't want any pain reliever, I had to "force" him the first night home. The second day, he said no thanks.. I couldn't believe it.

*Update- Even if this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do- to date- the memories that surround it are so precious to me, I never want to forget. =)

So, now that I have filled in a LOT of blanks I can move onto the Layouts that I made back in 2012. I still love scrapbooking but sewing and quilting has kind of pushed it out of mind for now.. haha

I LOVE how the first page turned out but the second still needs some work to be what I want it to be.. I'll repost that once I get it straight!
*Update- Except that I still haven't tried to fill in the 2nd page...yet..Dang

My little guy was born on St. Patty's day and he happens to LOVE the color green! He also happens to be the luckiest kid around, so we played it up to the fullest!

I used Pear and Topiary card stock, figuring that the shamrocks would be enough activity without adding additional patterned papers.. 

I hope you like it and my update!
Please feel free to comment if you have any at all! =)

Happy Scrappin'! =)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Batiks Quilt Top ALmost Assembled!

Good morning all! 
Even if it IS a Monday... ;)

I had a nice relaxing weekend full of sewing! I hope you had a productive weekend, as well!

I was happily sewing the day away Sunday when I realized that I had chores to do.. *That I decided I could procrastinate and not do Saturday...*
Don't you hate plugging along only to realize that you have to.......go grocery shopping!!! Ugh.. I really don't enjoy that venture, at all.. Sometimes being an adult really stinks! ...and then I think of *That* fabric that I want and I remember why I like being a adult,

If you remember this pattern is Jelly Roll Pattern by 3 Dudes, with my own spin ;)

Back to the point! 
So with all of my weekend sewing not only was I able to complete my October OMG, I was able to add another row of trim between the horizontal rows! I think with all of the other colors that I have going on in here the green(ish) trim matches pretty good. I did want to break up the blue from touching at all points.. I do think the little blue end on each trim piece looked pretty cool.
I really want this to be the perfect couch quilt, so the bigger the better! 

I am so close to sewing the final 4 rows together that I can Taste it!! 
There are definately parts that I am not too sure about in my quilt top but it is too late to go back trying to change it now! haha
Even if there are a *few* things I would change- I really like it!
The whole thing is bright and loud, just like me!

I hope you enjoied the peek at my weekend progress!

What are you working on this week!?

Saturday, October 22, 2016

October OMG Goal Finished!

Hello friends!

I have been working on my October OMG (One Monthly Goal) and I finally ironed them, with trim, today! 

I love how it is turning out and I'm still adding to it before I attach the top blocks. I plan to sew them into rows tomorrow, I hope I can get that finished in one day! 

I am linking up with Red Letter Quilts OMG =D

It would be awesome if I could get the top done tomorrow!

What do you think??

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sewing With My Boy

Happy Hump-day all!
I hope your weeks have shaped up nicely with very few rough edges ;)

The last few weeks my 8 year old son has been asking me to make him a cat.
If you Remember This Post about how my little guy just LOVE's cats, this will make more sense. :)
"Mom, can't you a cat!?"
umm...yes and no.. haha. That wasn't the response he was looking for. lol

I happen to be at the store and thought to see what fat quarters they might have for cheap.. Low and behold, I found Kitties!! =D
They were speaking to me.. "Cal would LOVE us.. You just HAVE to buy us" and
for $1.50, how could I NOT!?

So on Sunday as I was Trimming my Blocks I decided to show him the treasure that I had found (I only regretted having to quit my blocks for a minute, lol)..
He was really thrilled!
He decided then and there that he wanted a kitty head to cuddle with and toss around. That was easy compared to the designs that I had running though my head. haha
I drew out an oblong head with pointy ears and cut 2.

The title of this post should really be Sewing For my Boy.. but I suppose he did help.. a little.. More with the motivational > are you done yet <, though.. lol
After the kitty head was done (a little lopsided, sure, but cute. haha), I had the brilliant idea to use 2 of the other fat quarters left and sew a mini blanket.
That blanket is purrfect for his robo kitty and he uses it every night. lol

I was able to take advantage of the little blanket and try some free motion quilting on it.. Cal thought my little drawings were cool, so we are all good there! =)
I quilted a swirl, the cursive word Cats, <3 mom, and I did a heart border all the way around. It was fun playing around but I have a lot of practicing to do before I am ready to try to free-motion anything, let alone my Batiks Quilt =O

Anyhow, check out our improv cat projects!
I am so glad my boy doesn't seek purrfection and he is even the first to remind me that I made it so mistakes just don't matter. Little smarty pants. =D
Have you made any purrfectly sweet projects lately and made a loved one do the happy dance!?
I'd love to hear about it!
Happy Scrappin and God Bless!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dragons, Castles & Glow in the Dark Thread!

Hello! I hope everyone had a restful weekend and all are ready to hit the ground running on this beautiful warm Monday!

I ran across a wall hanging that I got for my boys a few years ago..

It took me about a year to FINALLY get the quilting done on it, but whose counting. lol

I found this awesome wall panel and fell in love with it for my boys bedroom.
(they have since gotten their own rooms,

I don't know if you have noticed but sometimes I get these GREAT ideas that I just HAVE to do... Sometimes they are fantastic and there are no issues and other times.. I get in a little too deep and wish I had kept my mouth shut! lol
Ever get yourself into trouble volunteering?? Yep, me too!
So I thought *I just HAVE to do this in glow in the dark thread!* That would be sooo neat, right!
I found the thread, no problem!
Upon completion I realized that you really can't see the glow in the dark effect very well.. but, oh well.. It looks really neat with a black light, so that will work!

I think the pictures below show it pretty well. There are a lot of pictures because I wanted to showcase each really neat looking part. ;)
Maybe some day I will get bored and quilt the castle and the rest of the stars. I'm not going to hold my breath or anything, but maybe. lol


Friday, October 14, 2016

Awesome Tortoise Art by Tai

Happy Friday all!

Since yesterday was such a difficult day for us, I thought I would do this post today..

We went to a local art fair in August and I really meant to post the awesomeness that we found there before now! 
I kind of forgot and got wrapped up in sewing.  *oops* Sorry, Tai!
BUT, with recent events I thought this would be a great time to post it, so it works out nicely. :)

So, we LOVE tortoises!! You know this ;)

We ran across an artists' booth at the fair and his work was really, out of this world, fantastic!
We seen that he had a tortoise ball point pen drawing on display and the hunt was on!

Our tortoises live in our livingroom and I would like to decorate "their corner" for them! =)
What better way than some really neat art!?

So after looking at ALLL of this guys inventory we settled on the one we liked best.

His art is different than anything I have ever seen. Plus he uses ball point pen.. ..Those don't have erasers, right!? Holy cow...
It is probably a bit more masculine than I would usually prefer, but he did such an excellent job on it that you just have to love it. (Really though, tortoises and flowers (my usual speed) has *been done* and he is doing something totally out of the box!!)

It reminds me of what a trotoise King Kong would look like! ha!

Tai's Web Site
Below is the picture that we purchased. The second picture is of his card, which looks totally awesome, too! The last picture I found on his website and thought it looked really neat! This guy is SO talented!

I'm sorry that it took me so long to post this Tai, but you are awesome!
We hope to catch up with you again next year!

Keep on Keepin On!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Good-bye Sweet Vernie Tortoise

Hi everyone..

Today I post with a very heavy, tear filled heart..

Our littlest Hermann's Tortoise Vernald- Vernie for short (or Vernie-Kins to me<3)- passed away in the middle of the night.
The pic above is of our 3 Hermann's Tortoises. Vernie is on the far right side. Left of him is Roaman-Roam and Oggle-Oggi is on the far left.
{My First Tortoise post, Their DIY Enclosure & Tortoise Enclosure Tweeks
Above are links to the posts about them and their DIY enclosure, if you are interested.}

He had been acting very weird last night, like he was in a lot of pain.. So my husband took him to the vet (which was open until 10pm! Thank goodness!!).
Unfortunately, the vet wasn't able to do much in the way of seeing what was wrong with our sweetest little guy.
He is too little to even draw blood.
Can you imagine Not having enough blood to draw.. THAT is crazy.. He was so little..sniff sniff..
We hoped that it was a virus that medicine would help and not a major problem, but, obviously Vernie was in great pain (We could see it in his movements) and I am just glad that he isn't anymore..sniff.. and I'm kicking myself for not taking him to the vet sooner, we just wouldn't have been able to do anything for him. Poor baby.. I failed him. :(

I love all of our tortoises like crazy but Vernie held a special place in my heart because he was the "baby" of the group.
His siblings are big strapping torts that eat like you wouldn't believe and are so curious about everything. Always on the move when they aren't sleeping, haha.
Vernie was more laid back. Content to sit on our hands or cuddle in where ever he could and chill.

I never thought I could be so upset over a tortoise.
But I guess I never would have thought that they would be so....awesome and interactive with us!
I have always thought they were super neat and was thrilled when my hubby proposed that we adopt ;)
When you put your hand in to say hi (We always lay our hand down and let them decide if they want to see us) and see if they want to take a walk, and they climb right up, or try to see how your finger might taste (you've got to watch that, they are getting bigger and I am sure they can get a better hold now than 3 months ago! Ouch!) it is just too cute. They look you right in the eye as if they understand all. Funny little buggers.

I'm sorry to go on and on..
We'll miss little Vernie-kins like crazy but the one solace that I have..
He is up in heaven with my beautiful niece. I bet she always wanted a tortoise and I know she will take great care of him!
We love you Vernie and wish you could have stayed with us. Take good care of Becca-Boo, too!!

God bless everyone, I'm sorry I am such a downer today. :*(
 Tell your loved ones (Even Pets!!) that you love them every day. <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Winner Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I hope your hump day is turning out swell!
I have a cold, so that's not so great, but I'm super excited to announce the winner to my Giveaway from Front Porch Quilts!

          If you remember, the charm pack below is what is up for grabs!

                                      I just Love these colors!!

Without further delay, the winner is.....
(You are a no reply blogger and I couldn't find your name, sorry, but I will email you!)

They will have until Monday to reply to me or I will draw a new name. :)

I want to sincerely thank everyone who entered my drawing and followed me!
It wouldn't have been any fun without you all! =)

Now- it's time to look forward to my Next Giveaway!
I am sooo excited for this one!! (Really, I'm excited for every single one..but seriously..I can't wait!)
I have been drooling over it for weeks.

I. Am. So. Jealous!!

Maybe I'll drop a hint as it gets closer to "that time" (in November)..

Until then, what do YOU think it could be?!

Monday, October 10, 2016

It's Finally Here!

In the spirit of keeping things a little "different"..

Hey everyone, How's it hanging!?
I'm doing well! Though I always hang slightly askew since straightness isn't in my make-up..haha

If you remember my mentioning that I had a new quilting machine on the way!?
Well.. That bad boy got here about 5 days before expected, Woah!
What's even better than that, you ask?! It got here on a Friday and I had the whole weekend to check it out and play with it!!

I had my eye on this AWESOME Janome machine that I wanted. Bad.
But the price tag was just (way) too steep (Blast!), when I know that there are a lot of great machines that are in my price range and can do some awesome things!

The first thing I did was Google it! I just love Google. It knows EVERYTHING!!
Low and behold, there was a GREAT blog post about the very topic that I was researching (Gasp!).. Now of course, I can not Find that post to give a thank you shout out- but I will keep looking.. -sorry :(

Anyway this great post told me exactly what I was looking for.
{Pros and Cons} for different machines, Perfect!

The *Laura Ashley Limited Edition CX155LA Computerized Sewing & Quilting Machine with Built-in Font for Basic Monogramming* seemed like the perfect fit, right off the bat! 
The first thing I noticed is that it's pink, I love pink! haha

I began reading everything that I could find of this machine and was so excited that it seemed to be *The One and *The Price (lol) was soooo much more manageable! Under $200! - that seemed way too good to be true!
Maybe someday I will be able to get one of The Great Machines.. but for now, this little baby has been working wonderfully and (after a little bit of time setting up...correctly...haha) I was sewing!

It is loaded with 155 stitches including the alphabet! It might not do a slew of super pretty letters but it will serve my purpose very nicely (until I get an itch to REALLY dive into monogramming! ha!). The more pricey machines usually have less stitch options, so this is a big bonus!

On a side note.. This blew me away.. My new machine has THREE thread cutters on it!! The "standard" at the back left of the machine, one on the bobbin winder and one at the bobbin feeder. Wow! You almost Never need scissors handy with this baby!
Check out this picture of the bobbin feeder, by the way.. You just slide the thread through and cut off the extra with the cutter and it's done. I use to have a little trouble with my Singer, so this is a nice bonus, too!

I was able to get 2 borders on each of my blocks on Saturday (despite some severe pain Friday night..) so That was great!
I am super excited to cut the other strips that I need for my blocks so I can finish these babies up and complete my October OMG over at RedLetterQuilts!
I have to admit, the blue trim looks a against this block.. But I know/hope that once he is next to all of his siblings on the quilt top, it will look really cool (I HOPE! LOL)!

That is all for today!
Maybe next time you will see all of these blocks completed! Which would put me all the closer to finishing this!
The idea of having a blanket -that I made- to snuggle with on the chilly nights that are coming so quickly, has me so excited!

Don't forget to enter my Giveaway! It ends Wednesday!

What are you working on *Right Now?!

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A Giveaway! - Closed

It's that time again!

I'm hosting another Giveaway! Yay!
If you remember My Last Giveaway things went great and the winner was thrilled with her pattern!

This time I am super lucky to be sponsored by "Front Porch Quilts" in Troy Michigan! Their web site is
If you seen This Post you seen the list of the awesome offerings at Front Porch quilts like;
Custom quilts, memory pillows, memory quilts, custom T-shirt quilts, machine embroidery and longarm quilting and finishing services!
They also have a TON of Classes and she is still adding to the site!

Martha is such a nice shop owner, so patient, helpful and she does beautiful work!

I let her know of my blog and the wonderfulness that I am trying to create with it. She was all too happy to sponsor my giveaway with a bundle of 5" Mystic Garden Chips by Deborah Edwards for Northcott                    

Aren't these beautiful!? I just had to spread them out so you could see the pretty prints!
To win this charming bundle;
Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me so & also what you would do with these great fabrics = 1 entry
Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ or your favorite reader = 1 entry
Bonus* Tell me what year Front Porch Quilts originated = 1 entry

Unfortunately this is only open to US residents :(
I haven't put a ton of thought into the duration..
Is 1 week long enough!?
As I get more familiar with how it works, I will settle on a time frame.
Any thoughts are appreciated. :)
For now I'll make it 10 days, so this will end October 13.
Let the fun begin!

        Good luck and God Bless!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Trimming the Blocks!

Hello all!
I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
My weekend was filled with my son's 12th birthday, a fun event at Fabric Affair near me and sewing on my blocks (like all day yesterday, yay! haha). =D

Fabric Affair is a Bernina dealer and they were doing an Expo sale with prizes! Gotta love that!
They were giving away a Bernina Simply Red 215...
I SOOO wanted to win that bad boy.. but sadly, it was not my time..sniff sniff..
I DID win a fat quarter though! So I didn't go away with hurt feelings. haha

Today I am posting my October OMG (One Monthly Goal)! I am linking-up with Red Letter Quilts. I just LOVE this OMG idea.. I don't set my goals too crazy, so far.. (this IS only my second time entering the OMG Link-up..haha) I am making my goal bit tougher this month,though.
I really want to be able to complete each goal, so I am trying to keep it in perspective. ;)
I am also linking up to EmsScrapBag, LoveLaughQuilt, Freemotion by the River and also Quilt Story, (their button is on my right hand side-bar:)

My September goal was to get my squares made, You can see that post Here..
I actually got a lot further with these blocks than I thought I could in the month of September!
THIS month my goal is to get the trim on all of my blocks, (like below)!


Sadly, I KNOW that my points do not match up in all cases.. =*(
On the big diamond they look pretty great, mostly, but on the more scrappy smaller diamonds, I was not quite so lucky. However, this is my first quilt and I keep hearing that once it's together, you won't notice those things nearly as much.. I'm hoping that is true, now more than ever! Ha!

I hope you enjoyed the look into my October OMG!
I am really excited to get this thing on my couch, it's getting chilly out!
Oh!! I have been eyeballing a new machine.. I WISH I could get one of the Greats but alas those are outside of our budget.. Even if I can't, I think I found a great one that will work wonderfully for me!
I use a Singer, now.. I've heard it's not the best for quilting and straight lines and such.. I struggle enough with the straightness of lines without having my sewing machine sabotage me! lol!
It will be here within a week (I HOPE)..
I will be sharing before then but I can't wait to unveil my new machine!
Have a Super Great week and God Bless!