Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wonky is *Not Right!

Hello again!
I hope all is well for you!? Everything here is good!
As I feared, I am definitely more strapped for sewing time now the school has started. :(
I get to it as much as I can, which wasn't enough BEFORE my time was so limited! haha

I spoke to a good friend last week and found out that she is actually due with their baby girl a month sooner than I thought, eek!
End of November sounds a lot closer than the end of December!

So I got the super soft minky, (that I found on sale, yay!) and flannel out and got right to work!

I have been watching all sorts of youtube videos from MSQC to prepare myself.
I've heard that minky can be a real struggle.
I just LOVE a challenge! It can't be THAT bad, right!?

It turns out though.. That my whole personal mantra of "I can't see straight let alone draw, paint or apparently, sew and quilt straight" is a difficult factor for me to overcome.
So.. Admittedly, this blanket has a LOT of problems.
I am sure I did a whole score of things "not quite right" but I think it all comes down to one fatal error.. I am pretty sure that I forgot to trim off the extra 3/4 inch from the bottom..  THAT will NEVER happen, Ever, Ever, Again!!
So, regardless of the other errors that I am Sure are present.. This was never going to turn out the way I had hoped it would.
I had dreams of presenting this beautiful blanket to my friend and their new bundle of joy.. Little Josie would just love it and all would be perfect..hmm... THEN I woke up and realized that I have to go BACK to the store and get plain ol flannel and make her some beautiful Regular blankets.. sigh..
Thank goodness I kept my big mouth shut about what I just had to give her!!
So maybe my dream can still come true.. Just with a different blanket. =D lol

The plus side though.. My 8 year old boy happens to LOVE it and does not care one little wit that it is PINK. HA!

So, I may just try to quilt it anyway, just to give it a shot.
He won't mind.
As he said, in all of his brilliance, "It does not have to be perfect!"
What a little sweetie.. I am sure he is aware of his moms inability to accomplish perfect or close to it, no matter how hard I try.
And he is ok with that, it seems. =D

Check out my hot mess...haha.. I got 1 corner nice, at least!!! UGHHH

(Side note- the blanket is sitting on the Crochet- Honeycomb Area Rug (Here) & (My 1st Honeycomb Crochet Area Rug post is here, with more details) that I made in June, we love it!)

Back to the blanket.. I thought about pulling all of it out and trimming it (correctly, this time!!) and just making a smaller blanket. I decided that I didn't want to risk it and have it turn out wrong still, so I'll take the chickens way and find my nearest fabric store, Stat! lol
-  Then I'll be watching all of those YouTube videos, again, just to be sure I don't screw up. Again.

Have you ever screwed something up so bad that you just couldn't give that gift, at all!? Please tell me I am not alone! =D

Have a wonderful week and God Bless!


  1. Still the cutest! Can still make work just make it a small travel blanket!

    1. Thanks! It's super soft, too! I want to try that, and I might! but with cutting the corners already to do the (supposed to be nice) fold will make that tricky.. :(


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