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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Playing with Batiks!

Happy almost weekend, all!
I hope your weeks are finishing up nicely!

I have been DYING to work with Batiks.. I have some at home already and everything.. But, you know how you worry that it just won't turn out right, so you never want to "waste" it, or you want to save it for JUST the right project..?
Yea, That's me. What if the way I put it together is so hideous that I can't even Look at it, much less post about it!?

I bit the bullet last night and finally opened my very first jelly roll, and of course, it's Batiks!! =D
It was so exciting! Finally being able to look at all the colors and interest on these fabrics is awesome! I've been looking all morning trying to find the name of this blasted fabric! Somehow it is so buried in my email that I can't pin it down... As genius as Google is, it has NO idea what I am looking for! ha..grr
So I will get that later and put it's name Here. lol 
Update!! OK.. So I brought the tag with me today! =D
They are Fiji Batiks - Moda

I threw caution to the wind and opened that puppy right up. You know, I think I heard angels and their heavenly song!

I decided before I even opened it what I was doing with it. I could find the name for that too, I guess. haha! My description of it is just funny..
You know, that quilt where you sew 4 strips together, cut into squares then sew 2 squares facing each other together then cut into triangles then sew THOSE into squares... Did you catch all of that!?
Missouri Quilt Co. calls it the "Jelly Roll quilt pattern by 3 dudes" on YouTube.. So I'll go with that! ha
My NEXT quilt will have to be the jelly roll race. That looks just plain fun!

I thought I would share with you the groupings that I made.. It is a little loud to look at, at this point. They are grouped by 4 and the second layer is sitting on top of the first.. My second row is nice and straight.. but the back row is a bit more spread out, sorry..

I decided that once I made my groups (aside from 2 that I needed to switch) I was not moving anything! I would be at my table all night trying to make it perfect.. Thank goodness I realized that with the fun pattern idea that I am using it's not really necessary! WHEW!

I hoped to get more done that very first night but you know how that is..
My bobbin is almost out, anyway, so I'll refill tonight and go to it, if I can!

Here is my very first sewn strips!
I already have my wonderings about it.. but I am sticking to my guns. I am not switching strips around!! Unless you think I should...Should I!? haha...
I love the look of these prints so much!
They are definitely me, Bright!
They will look so awesome in our living room, on our new couch!
..and here, I was going to crochet an afghan for in there.. Guess I have that yarn for another project! ha- as if I can get back into crochet after quilting!!!

So THAT is my fun, for now!
I am dying to get the rest sewn up so I can start blocking and really see what it'll look like!

Thanks for checking in!

Are you working on any quilts or fun projects? I'd love to see them!

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Have a Scrappy Day and God Bless!


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