Saturday, September 24, 2016

Minky/Flannel Baby Blanket Finished!

Happy weekend all!

I So love the slow relaxing weekends when I can sew!
Most especially when I am working on a project, but when am I not!? haha

I bit the bullet today and cut the minky off my flannel See The Before Post Here!
so I could try to fix it.

My top and bottom pieces are cut the same (since I sewed it without fancy corners) at 23" x 36".   

It doesn't look quite as I wanted it to- Minus the minky on the front and without the cool mitered corners.
All and all though, I like it! It STILL isn't perfect, as I NEVER am ;)

I wanted to quilt on it some because I have heard that the minky tends to stretch out and if it isn't anchored that might happen more easily.
Of course, I wanted to use a fun stitch for my good friends baby girl, so I chose the tulip stitch that my machine comes loaded with.
I was going to follow a few of the vines on the flannel since that seemed like the easiest and perfect way to anchor it even better. After starting I liked the back so much, I decided to do almost all of the vines on the top. You can see it in the pictures, though it's hard to tell they are tulips!

Without further ado, Those pictures!

The top flannel is kind of poofy.. Not really flat. I actually like it like that, a lot!
The minky is nice and flat, though, so that is SOMEthing!!  
The stitching should make it super durable and it definitely has interest! HA!

I hope little Josie loves it!

That's it for today.
I'd love to hear your minky stories! I now have a whopper of one, myself!

Have a great weekend and God Bless!!


  1. Looks great! I actually haven't sewn with Minky yet but my neighbor does all the time!

    1. Thanks! I hope i can get the hang if it, Im jealous of your neighbor! Haha


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