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Thursday, September 8, 2016

InterActive ScrapChat!

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Today I am taking the First step in making my blog the InterActive blog of my (and hopefully yours, too!) dreams!
If you remember my promise last month, you have been expecting Something.. I didn't give many hints. ;)

This is the "Practice Run" and I will make changes and updates as necessary.

I think the first thing that has to happen, aside from the Idea (Light Bulb!), is to put it into motion and see how it goes!
Big Surprise, I like to jump in with both feet.. haha
I have been running over ideas in my head and it just seemed like I needed to get into it to really make any actual decisions.. It will also help me to see what is good/bad about the decisions that I have made already!

So...Here Goes Nothin'

InterActive ScrapChat is something that I came up with as a way for Quilters and Sewests to come together and have (possibly) a whole group conversation!

At this time, It will be in the comment section until I see if I should create a separate space altogether for this.

I'm thinking (HOPING)  a separate blog will not only be a good move but a necessary one! I will be looking into options for this as soon as possible.

For that to happen, I have to see if anyone else is as intrigued with this idea as I am!
The idea that you can enter a discussion with others to get their help or ideas on a project that you are working on, or even just chit chat about nothing that matters at all, sounds like a really neat one to me!

To start things off - Please comment if you would frequent ScrapChat if it were available.

In your comment please introduce yourself, maybe let us know the state you live in (if you don't mind) and what your favorite thing to do is!
I would like to test it out. Though I KNOW it is not what I want it to be YET...Baby Steps.. sigh.. ;)

Tell your friends and fellow sewests, let's see how many people we can spread this awesomeness to and really get the good times rolling!


I am literally dancing in my chair over this!! =D


  1. I will start us off!
    As you know, I am Amy!
    I live in Michigan and I love to sew and quilt (along with a lot of other things)!

  2. Hi! My name is Katelyn. I live in Indiana and Im a fan of mostly quilting with a little dabble if knitting and crochet. :)


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