Friday, September 2, 2016

I LOVE getting the mail!

Happy Friday All!
I just LOVE getting the mail these days!
There is little better than opening your door to discover that your surprise is here!! Even if it isn't a surprise because I ordered it all myself.. It Still counts!

Thanks to and the awesome sale they had last week, with free shipping to boot! I have enough Batiks to keep me busy for a while!!

Just look at that beautiful box of goodies!!
..I never thought I'd think of a box as beautiful, go figure..

I would love to spread them all out and take pictures of each one. That way you can really see how pretty they are.. But I don't think either of us have that kind of patience! haha

Now that I am working with Batiks, I will have to figure out a great way to use these, which will be soon as I get to number 157 on the Dreaded List Of Things To Do....ugh...oh....and 15 on the Wonderful List Of Things To Sew!!

On a side note... School for my boys starts on Tuesday.. I was able to do so much sewing over summer that I am sad to see it go!
I plan to keep up with myself as best as I can and keep posting often but that can get tricky between work, dinner, homework and allll of that fun stuff.
Just an FYI.. I still love you lots!! MUAH! =D

Have a Wonderfully Crafty Weekend and God Bless!!

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