Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feeling a Need to Create...Something

Here I am, again!
Did you miss me?!

I have been on a big sewing kick lately! I bet you've noticed!
I just cannot get enough..
Over summer I started 2 projects the Turtle Tote, and One of Several Posts about my Batiks Quilt that I'm currenty working on and finished 2 projects My Apron, and Baby's Applique Elephant Pillowcase!

The ideas in my head are swirling and the fabric choises are endless! ...Making even more ideas swirl.. Thank goodness I don't get seasick! haImage result for clipart woman with long list
I've got so many "projects for later" that I could swim in them!! HA

There are always a million things going on and it seems impossible to sit down and actually sew anything!

I can't get to my table every day =(
But, I can TRY to get there a couple times a week, if I'm lucky!
Never in my life did I think I would be (slightly) happy that my kids go to their dads for a few days, every other week. On THOSE days, I can almost certainly get some good QT with my machine!

You have to look at the plus side of everything, or you'll go crazy!
Believe me.. It was a plus that took years for me to realize. ;)

Well, I am off to add to my never ending, always rotating list! =D
I've got an itch to start something.. Let the search begin! =D

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