Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Moment in....Frustration..

Happy day, happy day!
Why...? I don't know. Just feels like a pretty good day, I guess! =)

The first day of school went great!
Not only are my boys happy, they are very satisfied with their teachers and each have a good smattering of friends in their class(es)! It really doesn't get ANY better than that!
Except.. They also both said that they really like (insert grade here, 3rd & 7th, haha), so that just tops it! =D

So on to the Actual purpose of this post!

It might be a Great day but even Great days can have frustrating moments..
This frustrating moment is actually from a couple of days ago, but it is still eating at me.

I posted Playing with Batiks-Here and I was sewing strips together like Whoa! As I'm cruising along, I decide that having about half of the strips sewn means I could block SOME of them, at least! =D
I grab my awesome ruler, slide my machine back and line everything up.
So far - so good!
I want 6.5" blocks, so I cut where necessary.
THAT is precisely the moment that I realized that it doesn't MATTER what I want!! DUH! I WANT squares.. and my blocks are taller than 6.5"..DOH!!
That, of course, means that I cut them wrong and I now have rectangles!
I'm very HAPPY that it wasn't the block that I have attached above, I really like that one. haha
I like the one I messed up too, so I will see if I can incorporate it at the end and change things up.
If I can say anything about myself it is that I like when things are different!
But I could decide to just leave it out. Either way.
So... at that point I decided that I really couldn't do anymore anyway and I haven't tried to cut more since. LOL -I'm scared.
I HAVE since measured and know exactly how big I need to cut them, now.
I'm just a worry wort and couldn't stand screwing up anything else!
But Tonight, it is SO on!! haha!
I just thought that I would share a stupid goof up that I made..
You can't see the NEW QUILTER written on my forehead, can you!?
I've been trying to sew it

I hope my blunder made you laugh.. I wasn't laughing IN the moment, but I can laugh now. **shaking my head**

Have you ever blundered anything!? Did you incorporate it anyway or did you chuck it into the scraps pile!?

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I hope you have a terrific day and God Bless!


  1. I had a screw up on my newest project as well! They CAN be sooo frustrating :) I miss cut the width of my strips by .5 an inch! and thus left me short 2 pieces for my quilt.... LUCKILY I was able to scrounge around that "scrap" fabric that I carefully keep in a second secret stash and found enough of the same fabric to cut my 2 missing pieces... but let me tell you it was CLOSE and I haven't cut anything since!!! Also too scared!!!

    1. Hi Katelyn! Well, I'm glad I'm not alone! Oh man.. That .5" will get you.. ugh! You were so lucky tpo have extra in your secret stash!!
      Thanks so much for commenting! =D


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