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Friday, August 26, 2016

*Revised* This is IT!! Help me figure out WHAT to GIVEAWAY!!

You all have been SOOOO patient with me in my search for followers!

I'm super excited to finally get ready for a giveaway!

Thank you so much for that and for joining us on our fun, interactive journey, if you just began following! 

I have been racking my brain about how to work my first Giveaway!
I am really thinking about WHAT I should giveaway, HAHA, that seems like the very first necessary step. =D

So I decided to ask YOU!!

I want to sew something to give to the first winner (and maybe in the future too)! BUT.... I have quite a few things that I think would be awesome.. However, knowing how I can be..ummm...different, I thought I should see if these ideas would go with others peoples' ideas of what they would LIKE to win..

So the things that I think would be neat to win are;

1) Coasters

2) Table runner (but then the colors get tricky.. I LOVE bright colors but a lot of people are into this NEUTRAL thing.. Unless the neutral color is Grey, I don't get it, haha.. Beige (and all things beige) and I do not get along.. ;)

3) Place mats (color is tricky again though..)

4) A cute bag

5) I was also thinking something with word art would be cool! Something like Eat Quilt Sleep Quilt Repeat! (So many options there!)

6) a few lanyards (never know when you might need one of those!)

7) a Journal, pocket calander (or notebook), with a quilted cover

8) Don't make the gift, but maybe give some sewing notions and fun things like that..
NEW* 9) a fabric table trash bin (That is my favorite idea, for now..haha)

I will be sorting out the fabric to be used asap and I will post that, THEN maybe it'll make more sense..and be easier to choose!

I just know I have more but for the moment that is it..
If you have any ideas on what YOU would like to win, PLEASE comment!
That's the purpose of this post!

Once I get this sorted out (which will be very soon, I promise!), I will let you all know exactly WHAT the contest is and WHAT you will win!!

Let me know what you think of my options above, I'm very interested!! Add anything that you think would be neat to receive and Help make me everyones' favorite blogger!! =D haha

I look forward to your feedback!

I hope you have a Very Peachy Day! God Bless!!


  1. This isnt an idea but a comment on color thing... if you knew in advance the colors youd use to make whatever gift and post a picture or at least the color scheme... then let the people decide if the giveaway is for them :) let the people come to you! Lol.

    Also saw a cute giveaway that was a random drawing giving away the Host's favorite notion. There were a few requirments to be put in the drawing.

  2. Thanks for the idea, Katelyn! I will have to brain storm on that. ;)


I truely enjoy your comments and questions and I answer every single one! =D
Though, during giveaways it gets difficult and I try to keep it easy on myself. ;)
However, if you are a no-reply blogger I can't -but I still try. =(
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