Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preview of an awesome find at the AQS Quilt Show!

Wow friends, the Michigan AQS Quilt show was fantastic!! 

There were so many outstanding quilts on show.. It's  really intimidating to a new quilter, I will tell you that! 
The piece work and the quilting was magnificent! That is not a word I use lightly! Haha

So I don't have a whole ton of time right now. I just knew that I had to share one of the coolest things that we found! 

Well... a preview anyway.. I'm on my mobile and I think we all know how difficult it can be to do a post justice. So I'll probably revamp it once I'm on my computer. Haha

Back to the point!
Since I'm still working on my tote bag :*( I haven't been able to try actually quilting something.. Enter the quilt show & it's awesome vendors! 

There was a booth with a demonstration. Those are fun to watch! 
So we are completely blown away about 3 seconds after he starts! They are stencils, but not your everyday, hard to store and difficult to use variety.. These...are magic, I'd swear to it! Ha!
For now I'm posting the QUILTING that I did this morning, using the magic stencils. Without EVER quilting anything.. I'm blown away! 
It's not perfect by any means and my fabric is a little bright. Hahaha
But I couldn't bear to use more than a big scrap I had laying around. ;)

Once I'm able, I have some great pictures to post! For now, check this out! :D

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