Saturday, August 20, 2016

Please Spread the Word!

Happy Weekend!!

I know.. I am on vacation but I thought I would post a quick something =)

I have been pushing hard to gain followers for the past few days, so my blog can become the fun, interesting, interactive blog of my (and hopefully YOURS, too!) dreams!

And Folks, It HAS been working!!
Not in leaps and bounds, but steadily, and that is just Fine by me and better even!! Because I know that the people that have followed me are following because they like what I posted enough to take their time to do it! 

I want to thank all of my new Followers!
You cannot know how much I truly appreciate every single one of you taking your precious time to follow me.
I will work hard to show you that I, and my blog, are worth every moment!!

I will continue to push for followers, too, because I am driven and determined to make this into what I want! I like to be silly and fun and I really want my blog to reflect that!
Who doesn't love reading a blog and laughing at the silliness while (maybe) learning something new?! That is one of my Favorite ways to spend my free time (when I'm not sewing, anyway)!

If you know of anyone that might enjoy my blog, or my silliness ;) please send them my way! I have a (self imposed) deadline and I am going to do my best to make it!!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. God bless!

My Sincerest Thanks,

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