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Monday, August 29, 2016

My Very First Giveaway- Closed

Hey Everyone!
I am super excited that I FINALLY have the details ready to do my very FIRST giveaway!! I think Monday is a Great Day to do it, too! Who doesn't want a reason to look forward to Monday's! ;)
Now.. As I have said in the past, I want to make my blog into a fun interactive place.. This is how I am going to jump start "Operation Interactive Fun"...hmm.. I think that sounds a bit cheesy.. I will work on it. Suggestions?? :D

Anyway.. Back to the main point of this thing!

I mentioned yesterday that there was a BIG change up in my giveaway plans..
It was very unexpected and threw me through a loop.. Of the best kind!

I visited a new fabric shop near me on Sunday called Fabric Affairs in Troy Michigan. In search of something in particular for the (other) giveaway plans, haha.. Their website is

I just love the fabrics that I found there and it has a very fun atmosphere!
Michelle is the owner and she has done a beautiful job on her shop!

She was amazing when I visited with her and let her know that I am a blogger and I wanted permission to talk about her shop on my blog.
When I asked if she would be able to sponsor a giveaway on my blog (my VERY first one!!) she said absolutely! YAY!

She let me pick a pattern to start things off with!

Here is what I picked!
OK, I know it looks a little tough. I really did look it over, and I promise it isn't that tricky!! I plan to make one, as well, just to be sure! You can bet I will post it here for you all to see. :)
I think the leaf theme is perfect for fall!
It would make a GREAT gift for a loved one, too.
I am IN LOVE with Batiks and I will be working with them very soon!! (This will be a GREAT first project with them!) Yay, again! haha..
This Giveaway is closed. Thank You!
OK.. HERE's how to win this beautiful pattern..
Follow me and comment = 1 entry
Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Google or Instagram (@AmyScrapSpot) = 1 entry
Visit Fabric Affair's web site and sign up for their Newsletter = 1 entry
Like Fabric Affairs on Facebook = 1 entry
Please leave a seperate comment for each one.
Sorry, it's just easier to keep track that way, for now.. ;)
THAT is 4 entries!!
I'm going to let this run until next Monday 9/5.. We'll call it 9/6, just incase the holiday is tricky! =D
I can't wait to watch this roll!
I'm already having fun! =D
Happy Scrappin', God Bless and Good Luck!!


  1. I added you to my BL. Like the pattern.

  2. Thanks ladies! So glad you like the pattern!

  3. Followed your blog and on google :) love the pattern!

  4. Subscribed to Fabric Affair Website

  5. Liked Fabric Affair on Facebook :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Thanks Katelyn! So glad you like it!
    Yes Madison, my crafty niece, you you you, too!
    We could do this together! :D

  8. Very pretty pattern and would look lovely in batiks! I am a new follower of yours on IG. _duchick_

  9. I am a new G+ follower of yours! Glad to meet you!

    1. Wonderful! Thank you so much Kathy!
      Nice to meet you, too!

  10. I follow you on G+ and e mail and love the pattern.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm glad you like the pattern!
      Good luck! =D

  11. I added FA to my FB. If I am ever up that way I will stop in.


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