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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Thoughts on Blogs..

Hey everyone!

I hope your all having a great week!

I was reading some blogs the other day and I ran across more than one that wondered "what happened to blogging these days"..

While I have had my blog since 2012, I only recently started to actively grow it.

I realized that my love of quilting and sewing will make me burst if I don't "let some steam out"! If you have read (probably ANY of) my previous posts you might already know that I am quite excitable. haha
I like to talk about things that I love! It's pretty handy that I started my blog when I did! Now, several years later, I can really tap into the fun world of blogging and it's all ready to go!

Unfortunately, I don't know what blogs were like before. I was raising 2 boys and didn't spend much time looking for them. :(
So I can't really say "what happened"..

I can, however, say that there ARE still blogs out there that WANT to engage you and engage With you!!
Sorry to be obvious, but take mine for example..
I have a story that goes along with everything that I do.. Yea, I admit, sometimes even after I tweek and remove pointless chatter, there is still a pretty lengthy post to share.
I never let that worry me too much. I just assume that people would either skip what they didn't want to read to see the good stuff or they would be interested and want to know what in the world happened!

That's me, by the way.. I like to read the stories.. That is half of the fun of posting and perusing blogs!
Simply putting up a few pictures with a blurb about what you made is OK but defiantly not my style..

On my blog I am striving to make it very interactive!
Baby steps, you know.. Nothing happens overnight.. grumble grumble..haha

There are all types of blog readers..
I am all for followers that just look and don't like to engage! 
Or- Looking and only commenting once in a while on something that really strikes you!
If you happen to be the kind who likes to engage, show off your projects and share funny stories, then my blog is Defiantly for you!
The bottom line here..
If you are someone who is looking for a fun place to browse and chit chat a little bit, or you LOVE a good story, then maybe you should follow me! 

All that.. and I haven't even mentioned the Giveaways (Like This One that Ends 8/6!) that I have planned!!
That's right... Plural.... =D

What do you think about all of this??


  1. You have an awesome blog and makes me smile imaging you all excites about fabrics and colors!! :))

  2. Thank you So much! Your sweet.
    Id LOVE to get You interested in it, too! =D


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