Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Swear- the Turtle Tote is Almost Done!

I'm Back!
I know.. It didn't feel like I even left to me either..sigh.. haha

I know it has been a while since I posted the Tote that I've been working on. You know how it goes, I'm sure!

I jumped back into it after I finished (links to those posts-->) This Adorable Baby Pillow, And here.
(I'm way too excited to post the baby pillow, I just have to give it to the baby's grandma beforehand, it's only right!! haha) 

So anyway..
I've been dreading this part of the tote, which is probably why it was ok for me to push it back..

You know.. I want to finish it like crazy but to do THAT I need to actually commit to a pattern to quilt onto it.. THAT is the hard part.. :(
I'll use some scraps to try out the look that I want.
I will definitely be using my Quilters Pounce and Stencils to do it! Or maybe I'll use the marking stick that came with it.. Then I can make my OWN pattern.. hmm.. The possibilities are literally endless!!
(which means I am in BIG trouble!! haha) 

I've sandwiched it together and I am this (-) close to quilting it!

I used a scrap piece for the back of both because I want to add pockets AFTER I quilt it.. Adding pockets before would just sew them closed.. I do that enough on accident.. ugh..lol

Then my pretty lining can be unmarred by the bobbin thread! =D

The first picture is the front! It might not be perfect, but I think it just might look pretty darn neat!
This is the backside of my BIG blocks (19.5 x 19"), with the pins in place to quilt.

I just LOVE bright colors and cant wait to carry this around with me!!

Hopefully my next post will be of this thing.. QUILTED!!
..Or...maybe that baby pillow...

Only time will tell.. But hey.. If it isn't first it will be next.. so THAT is something.. ;)

And today.... I bought some fabric... to start a NEW project!!
I just LOVE this part!! Except for the waiting of it....haha.. But getting fabric in the mail is my FAVORITE thing EVER!! haha!
I love surprises..even if I am the one buying them!

I swear.. one day soon.. this will be an ACTUAL tote bag.

I love making things. It turns out that making things for other people is even more fun than making them for myself! Who knew! haha!!
The down side of that... It HAS to be perfect! Something I am FAR from... so I battle that every time I sit. But it is SOOO worth it!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

I am still working hard to gain followers for my blog.
It is working so wonderfully but I just cannot be satisfied!
I have some awesome idea's for this blog to make it unlike most others, but I need YOUR help! Please follow me and hey.. Tell your friends!!
I will always work hard to prove to you all that this little blog is worth it!

I would LOVE to see any projects that your working on!!
I love crafts of all kinds, please share!

Happy Scrappin and God Bless!

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