Thursday, August 25, 2016

Turtle Tote -Quilted Turtle!

Happy Almost Friday! =D

Have you ever sat on a beach (under a pavilion) in the rain, the boys out fishing, and sewed? 

 Just you, the view, your needle, and your favorite christian station- K-Love.. Tossing your favorite jams out like the waves in that beautifully stormy, choppy lake?? Singing along loud enough for all to hear.. If only there were anyone around..

I got to do that Wednesday.. On a work day! =D
Boy, was it great! I never thought that I would so enjoy being alone on a beach, without my swimsuit, or even the SUN! haha

It was middle school registration for my 7th grader (I cant believe that, by the way!) so I had the day off. We were done with registration and supply shopping by 1 and at the beach by 330, not to shabby!

We are so lucky that my husbands parents live right near a great, private lake!
It gets busy, for sure, but the crowds are no where NEAR a public swimming area during 90+ degree weather!

and well... My boys are fish!! At 8 and nearly 12 years old, they have always loved anything water. I swear, there could be ice cubes forming and they would want to swim..
Myself on the other hand.. It has to be nearly, or at least, 90 for me to even CONSIDER swimming.. and even then, if the water is anywhere near cold (maybe even luke warm...), I won't make it past my ankles. hahaha!

ANYWAYSSS, sorry, I got a bit distracted.
I thought this picture really showed the weather.. Those clouds there, those are mild compared to how this started out. haha. But, as all Michiganders know.. If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes..
 What do you know, but 5 minutes after the HEAVY rain started and the wind blew like crazy (making me run like a mad chicken to make sure my tote squares didn't fly away!), it was over! Ha! Back in the water everyone went!

While I was having this wonderfully relaxing time with my needle and NO noise other than the wind.. THIS is what I started..
I'd gotten most of this block done, by the time we left, but didn't think to take a picture. DOH.. But I'm really happy with how it is turning out! Now the only thing left (After I quilt the turtles in the 2nd block, anyway) is to quilt on my machine, attach backing (with pockets) and put it together!

 I think this project has tested me in a lot of ways.
Being new to quilting I was doing much by trail and error...and seem ripping..haha..
I have found, though, that I really enjoy sewing, quilting especially.
It's hard work, getting those stitches just the way you want them, but seeing the outcome of it makes it so worth it!

Best of all, it's something that I created.
I had this crazy idea in my head and went for it. I really see it coming together, exactly as I wanted it to..Mostly.. hahaha

I am going to be working on this thing like mad now that the end is in sight. Partly because I am just so excited to see it done and use it but also.. I want to start a new project.. Won't Hubby be thrilled!! =D

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