Monday, August 15, 2016

Finally- One of The Awesome Finds at AQS Quilt Show

Hello and Happy Monday!! ..grumble grumble..haha

If you happened to catch My Last Post - Preview of an Awesome find at the AQS Quilt Show then you might already know what this post is all about!

**This post contains a product that I received permission to take pictures of and blog about. I am not being compensated in anyway.**

Except in THIS post I will actually show you this magic stencil!

 That's right.. The Quilt Pounce by Hancy!

The vendor was demonstrating this and we were riveted!

Basically, you choose one of his MANY stencils (I have a few pictured), grab your "Pounce" and pet the pounce right over the stencil (that is on top of your fabric to be quilted) and you end up with an outline like this. (You can also get it in a pencil form, so you can free draw whatever you want!!)


You can see my stitching in the picture above, as well as the chalk outline. My quilting isn't right on but I thought it was a great effort for my first time!

When you are done quilting you simply iron it and the outline goes away!
Below is the image after I stenciled and quilted 2 big hearts and 4 small hearts, then ironed off the outline.

The fabric is a bit hard to see, sorry about that..
But the results are amazing (or will be after I practice for a little while, haha)!

Above are a few (better) examples of what they look like.

I've been just dying to quilt on something but felt really clueless and intimidated..
I will tell you, as soon as I walked in the door (from the Quilt Show) Saturday and said hello to hubby, I was at my table throwing some batting between 2 pieces of fabric because I just HAD to try it right away!
The very first try looked better than ANYthing I would have tried without these stencils. I am in love!

OH! I almost forgot! I did say they were magic, didn't I..
But I haven't really said why yet, huh..

OK here ya go!
So Not only does the line disappear once ironed (and doesn't reappear!!)
You can have a stencil crinkled into a ball and just iron it flat again (say.. if you found it in the bottom of your bag or drawer all folded and wrinkled up)! 
PLUS you can roll them up like posters to store them without worrying about them going flat when you need them to!

OH, AGAIN!!!! I also wanted to add that you can also get this in pink or blue powder (since white will not show up on white fabric, of course!) Those colors need to be brushed or washed off because of the ink in them. 

I am so awed by this nifty stencil that I just had to share it with all of you!
I am including their site link below, I figured if you wanted to check them out, I could give you a hand!

Now, I am Super excited to finish My Tote bag so I can quilt it!! YAY!

After all that..
I STILL haven't posted the beautiful quilts that I took photos of.. or the Awe-some new ruler that I found too...
THAT is tomorrow's post!

I hope you enjoyed my post today!
I had a great time testing out this new "toy" and sharing it with you all!

Let me know what you think!
Do you have any awesome tools or tricks that you would like to share!?

Happy Scrapping and God Bless!

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