Thursday, August 18, 2016

Break Time!

Happy Thursday!!
My Thursday is exceptionally happy since I have tomorrow off of work and today is my Friday- of a 4 day weekend! THAT is a good day!
We are going on a group camping/tubing trip in "Up North" Michigan. We are SO excited to get to unwind and relax. There is nothing better than floating down a river! You have your cooler raft, friends, snacks and a whole lot of fun!

To top it off.. This is my FIRST "adult only" trip that isn't just my hubby and I. I've lived a semi sheltered life thus far..haha

What this all means to You..
Well.. My hubby just won't understand if I pack my sewing machine, table and ALLLLL of my "little" accessories... Then I would have to (bring a second car!!) run an extension cord into our tent (which I would totally do!!) and I would never leave!! I would have a wonderfully relaxing time, IF that were the case.. but he wouldn't get it. hahaha 

I will be on social media on and off a bit but I won't really be able to post. :(

I am finishing up That Elephant Pillowand Again Here -that I started a couple of weeks ago. It only needs the small details now! I am going to try to finish those on the drive (without getting blood all over it from poking myself. haha).
I have to say though, this thing is CUTE!! I really love it and cant wait for you all to see it completed! It actually surprises me.. I kind of always expect my visions to be "off".. lol

So I PLAN to have much to blog about upon return!

I also got the sandwich done on That Stinking Tote Bag that I started last month.. and I am getting ready to quilt it.. I am REALLY nervous about that part! This is the first thing that I'll quilt that I want to actually take out in public.. eek! ..If I screw it up it'll go in the closet.. I really don't want it to go in the closet!! hahaha

I would So appreciate it if you could follow me and share my post with your friends!
I am trying to grow followers , so this blog can be what I REALLY want it to be! don't miss out!!
My number is climbing! The higher it goes ,the closer we get to Giveaways and being the Fun Interactive place that I think we all want to find!!
Thank you so much for looking!

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!

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