Tuesday, August 16, 2016

AQS Quilt Show Vendors


Well, I've covered the awesome stencil that I found at the AQS Quilt show but that is just the tip of this {Awe}some iceberg!

In THIS post I will show you some of the Quilts that a few of the vendors had hanging.. I decided not to take any pictures of the quilts in the show, I was concerned with people being offended and didn't want to push any buttons. :(

I spoke with each vendor before taking any pictures just to be sure I wasn't hurting their sensibilities ;)
They were all very happy to accomodate! (I just couldn't see why they wouldn't be :)

I collected cards from each vendor that I took pictures of but I have to admit, I should have put something on the card so I remembered who was who. haha

Here goes, wish me luck! lol

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign, I was so excited! haha

A list of sponsors..and my mom! All fantastic! =D

 Above is by "Quilters Express" Linda Barrett. As soon as I seen all of the pink I loved it! (and that is all pink, no red.. I swear, colors can very so much on film!) ...and the quilting in this one.. Wow! I would LOVE to be able to do that! and I will!! Someday... a LOT sooner with my Awesome Stencils and Pounce! <- Click here for that post =D
The quilt at this booth for "Little Red Quilt House" is beautiful! The vendor told us how her daughter loved the one she made so much that she made her own! I can certainly see why! I love bright colors and this quilt has those in spades! This vendor was so nice! She really took a shine to my 8 year old cousin. You can just tell she is doing what she loves!

The quilt above is also from "Little Red Quilt House". It's so cute and calming. I love the prints!

The quilts above and below this are both from "BeColourful Quilting Supplies".
The vendor of this display was so kind (and you can even see half of him on the right side of the picture below, haha)! He encouraged me to take as many photos as I wished. I just didn't want to be too greedy.. Plus, there were tons of people, everywhere.. so it's amazing I was able to get the few shots that I did!!

That is all for today! I think I have one more post in me on the quilt show, if you can believe that! There is another neat gadget I just have to show you!

I would LOVE to connect with some quilters that want to talk "shop"! Drop me a line if your looking for a quilting buddy, near or far ;)

So Until then my friends!
Happy scrappin and God Bless!

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