Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Baby's Pillow

Do you ever find yourself talking with someone, really enjoying the conversation and having a nice time.. Then you hear yourself say "I can do that!!"
Wait.. What?!
So, yeah, I had one of those moments last weekend!
A cousin of my husbands just had a baby boy- Oh My, he is soo cute!!!- I made some crochet items for him for the baby shower, You Can See That Post Here!
There is just something about making things for babies.. I love it.

As I am talking to his grandma, I hear those words slip out.. "I can do that!!" and at that time I knew exactly what I was volunteering for! It was later as I was trying to wrap my mind around my new project that I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into!
So Baby needs a pillow! Easy enough, right!?
Well, I decided that giving a yucky pillow form with a case was sooo blah!
I am not happy unless I can complicate something!!
I am going to cover my pillow AND make a case! So you'll never have to see the ugliness inside! yay!
well... First of all. I have never made a pillow before.
Not only that but I didn't want to have a zipper on it, so I also needed to figure out how to CLOSE the pillow without it looking like I'd shut my eyes!!
I didn't get that part done JUST the way I want it, but I figure that will be completely hidden unless the case is being washed. So I am Forcing myself to look away!
Now that I have to pillow covered I can move on to the true cuteness of the pillow!
It HAS to have an elephant on it. Since I couldn't find any cute elephant-y fabric on such short notice, I decided to applique one on the front! (I've never done that before either...Seems I like to jump into projects and force myself to learn new things! haha)
So This post shows the pillow form and the pillow covered in fabric.
The pillow case is next and it's not just an ordinary case either.. Here I go complicating things again!! ...and I'm not giving it away just yet, either! ;)
I can't wait to work on this little elephant! What a cool way to try out applique!
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 Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!

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