Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Thoughts on Blogs..

Hey everyone!

I hope your all having a great week!

I was reading some blogs the other day and I ran across more than one that wondered "what happened to blogging these days"..

While I have had my blog since 2012, I only recently started to actively grow it.

I realized that my love of quilting and sewing will make me burst if I don't "let some steam out"! If you have read (probably ANY of) my previous posts you might already know that I am quite excitable. haha
I like to talk about things that I love! It's pretty handy that I started my blog when I did! Now, several years later, I can really tap into the fun world of blogging and it's all ready to go!

Unfortunately, I don't know what blogs were like before. I was raising 2 boys and didn't spend much time looking for them. :(
So I can't really say "what happened"..

I can, however, say that there ARE still blogs out there that WANT to engage you and engage With you!!
Sorry to be obvious, but take mine for example..
I have a story that goes along with everything that I do.. Yea, I admit, sometimes even after I tweek and remove pointless chatter, there is still a pretty lengthy post to share.
I never let that worry me too much. I just assume that people would either skip what they didn't want to read to see the good stuff or they would be interested and want to know what in the world happened!

That's me, by the way.. I like to read the stories.. That is half of the fun of posting and perusing blogs!
Simply putting up a few pictures with a blurb about what you made is OK but defiantly not my style..

On my blog I am striving to make it very interactive!
Baby steps, you know.. Nothing happens overnight.. grumble grumble..haha

There are all types of blog readers..
I am all for followers that just look and don't like to engage! 
Or- Looking and only commenting once in a while on something that really strikes you!
If you happen to be the kind who likes to engage, show off your projects and share funny stories, then my blog is Defiantly for you!
The bottom line here..
If you are someone who is looking for a fun place to browse and chit chat a little bit, or you LOVE a good story, then maybe you should follow me! 

All that.. and I haven't even mentioned the Giveaways (Like This One that Ends 8/6!) that I have planned!!
That's right... Plural.... =D

What do you think about all of this??

Monday, August 29, 2016

My Very First Giveaway- Closed

Hey Everyone!
I am super excited that I FINALLY have the details ready to do my very FIRST giveaway!! I think Monday is a Great Day to do it, too! Who doesn't want a reason to look forward to Monday's! ;)
Now.. As I have said in the past, I want to make my blog into a fun interactive place.. This is how I am going to jump start "Operation Interactive Fun"...hmm.. I think that sounds a bit cheesy.. I will work on it. Suggestions?? :D

Anyway.. Back to the main point of this thing!

I mentioned yesterday that there was a BIG change up in my giveaway plans..
It was very unexpected and threw me through a loop.. Of the best kind!

I visited a new fabric shop near me on Sunday called Fabric Affairs in Troy Michigan. In search of something in particular for the (other) giveaway plans, haha.. Their website is

I just love the fabrics that I found there and it has a very fun atmosphere!
Michelle is the owner and she has done a beautiful job on her shop!

She was amazing when I visited with her and let her know that I am a blogger and I wanted permission to talk about her shop on my blog.
When I asked if she would be able to sponsor a giveaway on my blog (my VERY first one!!) she said absolutely! YAY!

She let me pick a pattern to start things off with!

Here is what I picked!
OK, I know it looks a little tough. I really did look it over, and I promise it isn't that tricky!! I plan to make one, as well, just to be sure! You can bet I will post it here for you all to see. :)
I think the leaf theme is perfect for fall!
It would make a GREAT gift for a loved one, too.
I am IN LOVE with Batiks and I will be working with them very soon!! (This will be a GREAT first project with them!) Yay, again! haha..
This Giveaway is closed. Thank You!
OK.. HERE's how to win this beautiful pattern..
Follow me and comment = 1 entry
Follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Google or Instagram (@AmyScrapSpot) = 1 entry
Visit Fabric Affair's web site and sign up for their Newsletter = 1 entry
Like Fabric Affairs on Facebook = 1 entry
Please leave a seperate comment for each one.
Sorry, it's just easier to keep track that way, for now.. ;)
THAT is 4 entries!!
I'm going to let this run until next Monday 9/5.. We'll call it 9/6, just incase the holiday is tricky! =D
I can't wait to watch this roll!
I'm already having fun! =D
Happy Scrappin', God Bless and Good Luck!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Appliqué Elephant Pillowcase

Hey All!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend! It ends all too soon for me! 

I have been on pins and needles (haha! I just love puns, even the corny to post this! 

I was able to visit the baby today... sigh... sooo cute. He and I get along like peanut butter and jelly.. He slept in my arms for over an hour, too. As if I wasn't already sold on his cuteness! 

Anyway.. THAT means I got to give him his Changing Table Pillow also Here!

I was So happy to have my Quilters Pounce!  With the special chalk pencil. With that i was able to draw the face on first and just follow my lines!

Here's the final product!

 I used a really neat stitch to make his nose wrinkles and mouth, I'll get the name and add it. :)  It made them textured instead of flat. Love it!

Don't you hate when you cut your fabric a little short!? Yea, I did that. But then I decided that that back needed a bit of color, anyway! And now it looks cool, too!

I just love the way this turned out!! 
I had my fears but using Heat n Bond Lite made a huge difference.
I can't wait to applique again!

Thanks for looking! 
I have a lot happening right now and im loving every minute! 

Have a wonderful day and God Bless!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

A small change in Giveaway plans, ALL good!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Weekend! 
I am! 

I have encountered a reason to switch up my original plans for my Very First GIVEAWAY.. Which is Great news, for sure!

I am laying ground work for the giveaway as I blog ;)

The main change up- 
I won't make something as my giveaway, this time.

 I will give you ALL of the details as soon as I get it nailed down. I just wanted to let you know that things have shifted. And I am SUPER excited!

Friday, August 26, 2016

*Revised* This is IT!! Help me figure out WHAT to GIVEAWAY!!

You all have been SOOOO patient with me in my search for followers!

I'm super excited to finally get ready for a giveaway!

Thank you so much for that and for joining us on our fun, interactive journey, if you just began following! 

I have been racking my brain about how to work my first Giveaway!
I am really thinking about WHAT I should giveaway, HAHA, that seems like the very first necessary step. =D

So I decided to ask YOU!!

I want to sew something to give to the first winner (and maybe in the future too)! BUT.... I have quite a few things that I think would be awesome.. However, knowing how I can be..ummm...different, I thought I should see if these ideas would go with others peoples' ideas of what they would LIKE to win..

So the things that I think would be neat to win are;

1) Coasters

2) Table runner (but then the colors get tricky.. I LOVE bright colors but a lot of people are into this NEUTRAL thing.. Unless the neutral color is Grey, I don't get it, haha.. Beige (and all things beige) and I do not get along.. ;)

3) Place mats (color is tricky again though..)

4) A cute bag

5) I was also thinking something with word art would be cool! Something like Eat Quilt Sleep Quilt Repeat! (So many options there!)

6) a few lanyards (never know when you might need one of those!)

7) a Journal, pocket calander (or notebook), with a quilted cover

8) Don't make the gift, but maybe give some sewing notions and fun things like that..
NEW* 9) a fabric table trash bin (That is my favorite idea, for now..haha)

I will be sorting out the fabric to be used asap and I will post that, THEN maybe it'll make more sense..and be easier to choose!

I just know I have more but for the moment that is it..
If you have any ideas on what YOU would like to win, PLEASE comment!
That's the purpose of this post!

Once I get this sorted out (which will be very soon, I promise!), I will let you all know exactly WHAT the contest is and WHAT you will win!!

Let me know what you think of my options above, I'm very interested!! Add anything that you think would be neat to receive and Help make me everyones' favorite blogger!! =D haha

I look forward to your feedback!

I hope you have a Very Peachy Day! God Bless!!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Turtle Tote -Quilted Turtle!

Happy Almost Friday! =D

Have you ever sat on a beach (under a pavilion) in the rain, the boys out fishing, and sewed? 

 Just you, the view, your needle, and your favorite christian station- K-Love.. Tossing your favorite jams out like the waves in that beautifully stormy, choppy lake?? Singing along loud enough for all to hear.. If only there were anyone around..

I got to do that Wednesday.. On a work day! =D
Boy, was it great! I never thought that I would so enjoy being alone on a beach, without my swimsuit, or even the SUN! haha

It was middle school registration for my 7th grader (I cant believe that, by the way!) so I had the day off. We were done with registration and supply shopping by 1 and at the beach by 330, not to shabby!

We are so lucky that my husbands parents live right near a great, private lake!
It gets busy, for sure, but the crowds are no where NEAR a public swimming area during 90+ degree weather!

and well... My boys are fish!! At 8 and nearly 12 years old, they have always loved anything water. I swear, there could be ice cubes forming and they would want to swim..
Myself on the other hand.. It has to be nearly, or at least, 90 for me to even CONSIDER swimming.. and even then, if the water is anywhere near cold (maybe even luke warm...), I won't make it past my ankles. hahaha!

ANYWAYSSS, sorry, I got a bit distracted.
I thought this picture really showed the weather.. Those clouds there, those are mild compared to how this started out. haha. But, as all Michiganders know.. If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes..
 What do you know, but 5 minutes after the HEAVY rain started and the wind blew like crazy (making me run like a mad chicken to make sure my tote squares didn't fly away!), it was over! Ha! Back in the water everyone went!

While I was having this wonderfully relaxing time with my needle and NO noise other than the wind.. THIS is what I started..
I'd gotten most of this block done, by the time we left, but didn't think to take a picture. DOH.. But I'm really happy with how it is turning out! Now the only thing left (After I quilt the turtles in the 2nd block, anyway) is to quilt on my machine, attach backing (with pockets) and put it together!

 I think this project has tested me in a lot of ways.
Being new to quilting I was doing much by trail and error...and seem ripping..haha..
I have found, though, that I really enjoy sewing, quilting especially.
It's hard work, getting those stitches just the way you want them, but seeing the outcome of it makes it so worth it!

Best of all, it's something that I created.
I had this crazy idea in my head and went for it. I really see it coming together, exactly as I wanted it to..Mostly.. hahaha

I am going to be working on this thing like mad now that the end is in sight. Partly because I am just so excited to see it done and use it but also.. I want to start a new project.. Won't Hubby be thrilled!! =D

I'm still working hard to grow followers. My numbers are steadily moving up but I have a long way to go!
Please help me by sharing my blog with anyone and everyone! You just never know who might be interested!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!
If you don't follow me already, please do!
I am making lists of all of the things that I want to incorporate into my blog at the right time. Join the fun!

As always, have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Swear- the Turtle Tote is Almost Done!

I'm Back!
I know.. It didn't feel like I even left to me either..sigh.. haha

I know it has been a while since I posted the Tote that I've been working on. You know how it goes, I'm sure!

I jumped back into it after I finished (links to those posts-->) This Adorable Baby Pillow, And here.
(I'm way too excited to post the baby pillow, I just have to give it to the baby's grandma beforehand, it's only right!! haha) 

So anyway..
I've been dreading this part of the tote, which is probably why it was ok for me to push it back..

You know.. I want to finish it like crazy but to do THAT I need to actually commit to a pattern to quilt onto it.. THAT is the hard part.. :(
I'll use some scraps to try out the look that I want.
I will definitely be using my Quilters Pounce and Stencils to do it! Or maybe I'll use the marking stick that came with it.. Then I can make my OWN pattern.. hmm.. The possibilities are literally endless!!
(which means I am in BIG trouble!! haha) 

I've sandwiched it together and I am this (-) close to quilting it!

I used a scrap piece for the back of both because I want to add pockets AFTER I quilt it.. Adding pockets before would just sew them closed.. I do that enough on accident..

Then my pretty lining can be unmarred by the bobbin thread! =D

The first picture is the front! It might not be perfect, but I think it just might look pretty darn neat!
This is the backside of my BIG blocks (19.5 x 19"), with the pins in place to quilt.

I just LOVE bright colors and cant wait to carry this around with me!!

Hopefully my next post will be of this thing.. QUILTED!!
..Or...maybe that baby pillow...

Only time will tell.. But hey.. If it isn't first it will be next.. so THAT is something.. ;)

And today.... I bought some fabric... to start a NEW project!!
I just LOVE this part!! Except for the waiting of it....haha.. But getting fabric in the mail is my FAVORITE thing EVER!! haha!
I love surprises..even if I am the one buying them!

I swear.. one day soon.. this will be an ACTUAL tote bag.

I love making things. It turns out that making things for other people is even more fun than making them for myself! Who knew! haha!!
The down side of that... It HAS to be perfect! Something I am FAR from... so I battle that every time I sit. But it is SOOO worth it!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!

I am still working hard to gain followers for my blog.
It is working so wonderfully but I just cannot be satisfied!
I have some awesome idea's for this blog to make it unlike most others, but I need YOUR help! Please follow me and hey.. Tell your friends!!
I will always work hard to prove to you all that this little blog is worth it!

I would LOVE to see any projects that your working on!!
I love crafts of all kinds, please share!

Happy Scrappin and God Bless!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Please Spread the Word!

Happy Weekend!!

I know.. I am on vacation but I thought I would post a quick something =)

I have been pushing hard to gain followers for the past few days, so my blog can become the fun, interesting, interactive blog of my (and hopefully YOURS, too!) dreams!

And Folks, It HAS been working!!
Not in leaps and bounds, but steadily, and that is just Fine by me and better even!! Because I know that the people that have followed me are following because they like what I posted enough to take their time to do it! 

I want to thank all of my new Followers!
You cannot know how much I truly appreciate every single one of you taking your precious time to follow me.
I will work hard to show you that I, and my blog, are worth every moment!!

I will continue to push for followers, too, because I am driven and determined to make this into what I want! I like to be silly and fun and I really want my blog to reflect that!
Who doesn't love reading a blog and laughing at the silliness while (maybe) learning something new?! That is one of my Favorite ways to spend my free time (when I'm not sewing, anyway)!

If you know of anyone that might enjoy my blog, or my silliness ;) please send them my way! I have a (self imposed) deadline and I am going to do my best to make it!!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. God bless!

My Sincerest Thanks,

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Break Time!

Happy Thursday!!
My Thursday is exceptionally happy since I have tomorrow off of work and today is my Friday- of a 4 day weekend! THAT is a good day!
We are going on a group camping/tubing trip in "Up North" Michigan. We are SO excited to get to unwind and relax. There is nothing better than floating down a river! You have your cooler raft, friends, snacks and a whole lot of fun!

To top it off.. This is my FIRST "adult only" trip that isn't just my hubby and I. I've lived a semi sheltered life thus far..haha

What this all means to You..
Well.. My hubby just won't understand if I pack my sewing machine, table and ALLLLL of my "little" accessories... Then I would have to (bring a second car!!) run an extension cord into our tent (which I would totally do!!) and I would never leave!! I would have a wonderfully relaxing time, IF that were the case.. but he wouldn't get it. hahaha 

I will be on social media on and off a bit but I won't really be able to post. :(

I am finishing up That Elephant Pillowand Again Here -that I started a couple of weeks ago. It only needs the small details now! I am going to try to finish those on the drive (without getting blood all over it from poking myself. haha).
I have to say though, this thing is CUTE!! I really love it and cant wait for you all to see it completed! It actually surprises me.. I kind of always expect my visions to be "off".. lol

So I PLAN to have much to blog about upon return!

I also got the sandwich done on That Stinking Tote Bag that I started last month.. and I am getting ready to quilt it.. I am REALLY nervous about that part! This is the first thing that I'll quilt that I want to actually take out in public.. eek! ..If I screw it up it'll go in the closet.. I really don't want it to go in the closet!! hahaha

I would So appreciate it if you could follow me and share my post with your friends!
I am trying to grow followers , so this blog can be what I REALLY want it to be! don't miss out!!
My number is climbing! The higher it goes ,the closer we get to Giveaways and being the Fun Interactive place that I think we all want to find!!
Thank you so much for looking!

Have a wonderful weekend and God Bless!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

One Last Thing About the AQS Quilt Show!

So far this week, I have blogged about the AWEsome Full Line Stencils & Pounce and the beautiful Quilts the Vendors had on display at the AQS Quilt show from last Saturday (August 13, 2016) in Grand Rapids Michigan..

I have one last post about the show.
I've had so much fun blogging about this topic, that I am sad to see it go..sniff sniff.. =(

Well... The show must go on, as "they" say..whoever "they" are.. haha

Today I'm posting about the "Stripology Ruler by Creative Grids and Gudrun Erla".

Of course, like everything else with me, there is a story.. haha

About 2 weeks ago I was at my table struggling to get a straight line on some fabric.. A frustrating scenario at times..
So I was having a tantrum over that (and yes, talking to myself), saying "What the heck!!? Why doesn't someone just invent a ruler that you can cut THROUGH!!!!????"

Imagine my surprise and awe when, upon arrival at the Quilt show, we ran right into a booth that had THAT exact item!
She was demonstrating it, and we were fixated..
She lined her fabric up.. put the ruler right over top and the cut, RIGHT through the ruler.. WHATTT!?
The bottom of it has grippers to help hold things still, but they aren't so grippy that you can't move ANYTHING.. A happy medium!
Check out the pictures to see it with your own eyes! ;)
 Above is Full shot of the ruler.. it goes from 0-20" across and 1-14" top to bottom.. You can cut through it from top to bottom.
 Every 1/2" there are openings to cut. There are also GREAT bold markings at the 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" increments.
I started playing with my ruler that very night! I just HAD to try out this new contraption!! It does take a little getting used to, but it is great. I feel much more confident that my roterary cutter wont veer off in any direction.. Purely it's own fault, of course.......

Now that I have all of these awesome tricks up my sleeves, I shouldn't have ANY problem creating all of the neat projects that are floating through my head!

I'm been working really hard trying to grow my followers, so I can make my blog what I really want it to be.. I want to make it interactive with giveaways and really connecting with people in different ways. 
Please help me by following my blog and sharing me with your friends!

Do YOU have any thing that you would like to see me make or things you'd like to see a post about!?

Thanks for taking the time to check me out!

Happy Scrappin and God Bless!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

AQS Quilt Show Vendors


Well, I've covered the awesome stencil that I found at the AQS Quilt show but that is just the tip of this {Awe}some iceberg!

In THIS post I will show you some of the Quilts that a few of the vendors had hanging.. I decided not to take any pictures of the quilts in the show, I was concerned with people being offended and didn't want to push any buttons. :(

I spoke with each vendor before taking any pictures just to be sure I wasn't hurting their sensibilities ;)
They were all very happy to accomodate! (I just couldn't see why they wouldn't be :)

I collected cards from each vendor that I took pictures of but I have to admit, I should have put something on the card so I remembered who was who. haha

Here goes, wish me luck! lol

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the sign, I was so excited! haha

A list of sponsors..and my mom! All fantastic! =D

 Above is by "Quilters Express" Linda Barrett. As soon as I seen all of the pink I loved it! (and that is all pink, no red.. I swear, colors can very so much on film!) ...and the quilting in this one.. Wow! I would LOVE to be able to do that! and I will!! Someday... a LOT sooner with my Awesome Stencils and Pounce! <- Click here for that post =D
The quilt at this booth for "Little Red Quilt House" is beautiful! The vendor told us how her daughter loved the one she made so much that she made her own! I can certainly see why! I love bright colors and this quilt has those in spades! This vendor was so nice! She really took a shine to my 8 year old cousin. You can just tell she is doing what she loves!

The quilt above is also from "Little Red Quilt House". It's so cute and calming. I love the prints!

The quilts above and below this are both from "BeColourful Quilting Supplies".
The vendor of this display was so kind (and you can even see half of him on the right side of the picture below, haha)! He encouraged me to take as many photos as I wished. I just didn't want to be too greedy.. Plus, there were tons of people, everywhere.. so it's amazing I was able to get the few shots that I did!!

That is all for today! I think I have one more post in me on the quilt show, if you can believe that! There is another neat gadget I just have to show you!

I would LOVE to connect with some quilters that want to talk "shop"! Drop me a line if your looking for a quilting buddy, near or far ;)

So Until then my friends!
Happy scrappin and God Bless!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Finally- One of The Awesome Finds at AQS Quilt Show

Hello and Happy Monday!! ..grumble grumble..haha

If you happened to catch My Last Post - Preview of an Awesome find at the AQS Quilt Show then you might already know what this post is all about!

**This post contains a product that I received permission to take pictures of and blog about. I am not being compensated in anyway.**

Except in THIS post I will actually show you this magic stencil!

 That's right.. The Quilt Pounce by Hancy!

The vendor was demonstrating this and we were riveted!

Basically, you choose one of his MANY stencils (I have a few pictured), grab your "Pounce" and pet the pounce right over the stencil (that is on top of your fabric to be quilted) and you end up with an outline like this. (You can also get it in a pencil form, so you can free draw whatever you want!!)


You can see my stitching in the picture above, as well as the chalk outline. My quilting isn't right on but I thought it was a great effort for my first time!

When you are done quilting you simply iron it and the outline goes away!
Below is the image after I stenciled and quilted 2 big hearts and 4 small hearts, then ironed off the outline.

The fabric is a bit hard to see, sorry about that..
But the results are amazing (or will be after I practice for a little while, haha)!

Above are a few (better) examples of what they look like.

I've been just dying to quilt on something but felt really clueless and intimidated..
I will tell you, as soon as I walked in the door (from the Quilt Show) Saturday and said hello to hubby, I was at my table throwing some batting between 2 pieces of fabric because I just HAD to try it right away!
The very first try looked better than ANYthing I would have tried without these stencils. I am in love!

OH! I almost forgot! I did say they were magic, didn't I..
But I haven't really said why yet, huh..

OK here ya go!
So Not only does the line disappear once ironed (and doesn't reappear!!)
You can have a stencil crinkled into a ball and just iron it flat again (say.. if you found it in the bottom of your bag or drawer all folded and wrinkled up)! 
PLUS you can roll them up like posters to store them without worrying about them going flat when you need them to!

OH, AGAIN!!!! I also wanted to add that you can also get this in pink or blue powder (since white will not show up on white fabric, of course!) Those colors need to be brushed or washed off because of the ink in them. 

I am so awed by this nifty stencil that I just had to share it with all of you!
I am including their site link below, I figured if you wanted to check them out, I could give you a hand!

Now, I am Super excited to finish My Tote bag so I can quilt it!! YAY!

After all that..
I STILL haven't posted the beautiful quilts that I took photos of.. or the Awe-some new ruler that I found too...
THAT is tomorrow's post!

I hope you enjoyed my post today!
I had a great time testing out this new "toy" and sharing it with you all!

Let me know what you think!
Do you have any awesome tools or tricks that you would like to share!?

Happy Scrapping and God Bless!

If you enjoy my blog please follow me to keep up!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preview of an awesome find at the AQS Quilt Show!

Wow friends, the Michigan AQS Quilt show was fantastic!! 

There were so many outstanding quilts on show.. It's  really intimidating to a new quilter, I will tell you that! 
The piece work and the quilting was magnificent! That is not a word I use lightly! Haha

So I don't have a whole ton of time right now. I just knew that I had to share one of the coolest things that we found! 

Well... a preview anyway.. I'm on my mobile and I think we all know how difficult it can be to do a post justice. So I'll probably revamp it once I'm on my computer. Haha

Back to the point!
Since I'm still working on my tote bag :*( I haven't been able to try actually quilting something.. Enter the quilt show & it's awesome vendors! 

There was a booth with a demonstration. Those are fun to watch! 
So we are completely blown away about 3 seconds after he starts! They are stencils, but not your everyday, hard to store and difficult to use variety.. These...are magic, I'd swear to it! Ha!
For now I'm posting the QUILTING that I did this morning, using the magic stencils. Without EVER quilting anything.. I'm blown away! 
It's not perfect by any means and my fabric is a little bright. Hahaha
But I couldn't bear to use more than a big scrap I had laying around. ;)

Once I'm able, I have some great pictures to post! For now, check this out! :D

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Quilt Show is Coming!

I am Super excited!!
Tomorrow morning (way too early for my liking) I am going to go to my first quilt show!!
It's in Grand Rapids, MI, I've never been there but I know it's big! haha

I can't wait to see all of the different fabrics and patterns.. I imagine that I will be struck dumb whilst trying to figure out what coordinates with what.. You should see me in a fabric shop.. It isn't a pretty picture.. My look of complete confusion.. like a deer in headlights. haha

I'm going to do my best to take pictures so I can show you all how awesome it was!

Of course I will have to buy some samples....probably a LOT of samples... =D


Have a Great weekend and God Bless!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Baby's Pillow- Elephant Applique..

Hi again I hope everyones' week has been going great!

If you happened to see my post from yesterday, you know that I have started making a baby pillow!
I decided to go ahead and show you at least the start of that cute little elephant that I am putting on the front of the pillow's case..

I have only cut out the ears so far (the head is paper, haha).
I was worried how they would turn out but they look great!
Let's just hope that they look half as good once sewn into place!!

Have you done any applique?
I would love to see it!

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Scrappin' and God Bless!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Baby's Pillow

Do you ever find yourself talking with someone, really enjoying the conversation and having a nice time.. Then you hear yourself say "I can do that!!"
Wait.. What?!
So, yeah, I had one of those moments last weekend!
A cousin of my husbands just had a baby boy- Oh My, he is soo cute!!!- I made some crochet items for him for the baby shower, You Can See That Post Here!
There is just something about making things for babies.. I love it.

As I am talking to his grandma, I hear those words slip out.. "I can do that!!" and at that time I knew exactly what I was volunteering for! It was later as I was trying to wrap my mind around my new project that I wasn't quite sure what I had gotten myself into!
So Baby needs a pillow! Easy enough, right!?
Well, I decided that giving a yucky pillow form with a case was sooo blah!
I am not happy unless I can complicate something!!
I am going to cover my pillow AND make a case! So you'll never have to see the ugliness inside! yay!
well... First of all. I have never made a pillow before.
Not only that but I didn't want to have a zipper on it, so I also needed to figure out how to CLOSE the pillow without it looking like I'd shut my eyes!!
I didn't get that part done JUST the way I want it, but I figure that will be completely hidden unless the case is being washed. So I am Forcing myself to look away!
Now that I have to pillow covered I can move on to the true cuteness of the pillow!
It HAS to have an elephant on it. Since I couldn't find any cute elephant-y fabric on such short notice, I decided to applique one on the front! (I've never done that before either...Seems I like to jump into projects and force myself to learn new things! haha)
So This post shows the pillow form and the pillow covered in fabric.
The pillow case is next and it's not just an ordinary case either.. Here I go complicating things again!! ...and I'm not giving it away just yet, either! ;)
I can't wait to work on this little elephant! What a cool way to try out applique!
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 Have a Wonderful Day and God Bless!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

UPDATE~ Sewing Project- Tote Bag!

Ok.. I haven't gotten as much done as I had hoped I would BUT.... I THINK the front and back are finished! I am getting the lining fabric today and hope to start sewing that on very soon, THEN I will post a new picture! Right now it's a little flat.. haha

I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten.. or stuffed it into my closest of NEVER, ever, AGAINS..yet.. haha

You can bet I will be posting as soon as possible.
I'm terribly excited about this thing.. I just hope I don't have to get a tote from the store to put my tote in! haha

Have a Blessed Day!!