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Monday, July 18, 2016

New Tortoise Enclosure

Hello all!

My hubby finished the tortoise enclosure that he has been working on for a couple of weeks!

He did a fantastic job on it, too!

He made it from a small bookshelf. Removed all the shelves and used them to create the legs for the table. He made a lift drawer on the bottom that closes softly, so our tortoises wont get startled by it slamming on accident.

He stained everything a pretty close match, not exact but it doesn't stand out as being different.

AND.. he painted trim the color of our living room and added that. It pulls in our wood floor and our paint so nicely!

NOW our tortoises have a small room where it is always dark and they will love to burrow in there for the night! (They all actually spent the night in there last night, without our help, haha)
They also now have room to add the plants that I have been dying to add! We are searching for a lot of plants still but so far we have a couple in there!
(The green leafy one is Basil, they can only have a little of that but all 3 of them sniffed it and walked away-whew- ;) we also added a Succulent Tree(?) I have never seen one before but just LOVE Succulents! This sits up high so it is just a pretty piece of furniture, haha.

We were worried that they would be unsure at first and not move about much but I will tell you what.. These little guys surprise us yet again.. They were all checking it out without a single worry and seemed to love the extra space!

On a side note- we found an awesome Farmers Market in Royal Oak, MI. One booth in particular was fantastic (we found those trees, Oregano and Hibiscus, all organic!!!) The owner of the booth was super helpful and we will be going back to him often!
Anyways! On to the Pictures!!

Do you have any neat projects that your working on (or your husband or wife, hahaha)?!
Please share, I'd love to see it!

Who doesn't LOVE comments and/or questions?!
I know I do! If you can take the time to look and comment, you bet I can take the time to enjoy it and respond!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed week!!

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