Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Indoor Tortoise Garden

Hello all!

If you follow along with me you know that I have been really testing my "green thumb"... I wondered if it was going brown on me.. I bought tons of organic seeds for our tortoises to munch on; grocery store greens just are not what they should be for our little guys to get the nutrition that they need so badly to be healthy, and almost all of my seeds have failed :(

I belong to a site called and the people there really are awesome!

Anyway, someone let me know of a couple of different "seed mixes" that I could purchase that grow quickly, especially for our tortoises. Yay!

I planted these bad little guys on Friday evening and within about 12 hours there were roots growing already! Talk about instant gratification! They are under a grow light that is on for 18 hours. That's what I was advised.. I guess I need to figure out the light stuff.. but for now, this is working!!

These pictures were taken after almost 5 days and just look at how big they are!!

I am shocked and also so excited to be able to grow stuff (finally) that they can eat!

They will be in heaven when they see their surprise!! 

I have NOT forgotten about my current tote bag project.. I've just been a little busy with the tortoises to work on it too much lately. They are lucky I love them! haha!
I have added about 10 things to my HAVE TO MAKE THIS list.. so I really need to get moving!
I have a Remote Caddy, Triangle quilt and Tuffet that are among others on the top of that list.. There just is not enough time in the day!!!  ....I wish I didn't like sleep so much! oh heck, I'll sleep when I'm dead! Maybe I'll stay up late tonight and TRY to finish the front and back, at least!

Thanks for checking me out! Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful week and God Bless!

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